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Discussion in 'Manflu Corner' started by jack_c, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. jack_c

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    Anyone got any good advise for a motion sickness sufferer?

    We are going to Euro Disney next week as a family and as much as I enjoy roller coasters I suffer from motion sickness which really takes the shine off it.

    It's bad enough that I can't do go karting without getting unwell.

  2. You sound much worse than I get it but ginger is meant to help. There are ginger pills available to help with motion sickness but I haven't tried them.
    I find looking forward is enough for me in a vehicle now most of the time but I darent go on a boat :nailbiting::yuck:
    Fine on a plane though oddly :scratchhead:
  3. Pond digger

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    East Yorkshire
    When I was a kid we took Avomine tablets. They worked for car sickness.

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