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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr Charisma, Oct 20, 2018.

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    I’ve been putting it off for years and now it’s time to do something about it
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    Happy Christmas @Mr Charisma.
    You'll be fine getting out dating now, but it will be messy at times so do be prepared for some bumps.
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    stratford on Avon
    I don't mind the bumps as long as they are on a lass and the bumps have nipples on top. :)
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    stratford on Avon
    Thank you for all your best wishes ,,,,,, I've always been a open book and it has helped me tremendously over the last few months to share my trials and tribulations with you all .

    For those of you wanting to shed some weight I think I have proved what can be done in 3 months so set yourself a target and give yourself say 2 months to shift X amount of pounds .
    The way I have done it
    No alcohol ,, slimline tonic and lime is okay when you are out and you don't get beer goggles !!!!!!
    Don't carry money , keeps you out of Chip shops and pasty shops .
    Limit your carbohydrates , I have just one piece of toast for breakfast , it still has butter on it but bovril instead of marmalade .
    Learn to read what your body wants , if your a manual worker you need more calories than a lazy toad like myself .
    Cup a soups are okay and I don't bother with the weight watcher ones as they are a bit wishy washy , bachelors potato and leek ticks my box , 109 calories , so for lunch I might have a cup a soup , 2 slices of beef wrapped around tomatoes and iv might even spread a dairy lea light cheese triangle on it , beef is basically your bread . And if that isn't enough I always keep some 10 cal jellies in the fridge , they are sweet enough to give you a sugar fix ,
    Do your own shopping , you are in control of what goes into the trolley , just remember what goes in to trolley ends up in your cupboards .
    For my meal at night it evolved around meat , vegetables and ingredients out of a cupboard and not a jar , no potatoes tho ,,,,,, they are reserved for a special treat and usually come in the form of fries for special occasions like taking a lady out for dinner :)
    Pick up the courage to join slimming world , you might not do it there way but there no better way to pee 30 odd women of week in week out by winning slimmer of the week for nearly 3 months on the bounce . I've made some very good friends out of it as well and it will be important in helping me to keep the weight off once I reach target weight , they are also very good at imprinting thoughts into your head , the last one was christmas is only one day , it's followed by Boxing Day , enjoy those 2 days and get back on track , you can undo the damage of a couple of days in a week or two , if your christmas binge lasts 10 days then that might take a month or so to shift .

    So try it , believe me I'm a different man , okay so I was 4 pounds away from target weight but after the last couple of days I'm now 6 pounds away but I'm back in the groove , just need my daughters to hurry up and eat all the crap they have stockpiled before the go back to wherever at the end of the week

    Wish me luck as I'm off on manoeuvres a bit later on. :)
  6. I like your choice of drink.

    Everything is better with lime on it. (y)
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    stratford on Avon
    Hmm and a bit gritty with your type of lime
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    Well done Pilly, your positive attitude has been an inspiration.(y)
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    stratford on Avon
    Well as 2018 bows out I was hoping to report on here that I have lost the 6 stone I was aiming for , allas I'm not quite there ,,,,,, just another 2 pounds to go ,,,,, no problem in that and I might push myself a little bit d ch , I'm just 5 pounds away from seeing 14 something on the scales. :) Tho it's finding a fighting weight which I can maintain which is the difficult bit , I have friends that are close to me that say I've lost to much already and I'm losing my handsome charms and charisma , a risk I will take .

    So a couple of numbers for you

    106 days ago my diet started and in that time I have lost 82 pounds ,
    There have been in there some tears of sorrow and sadness but just lately tears of joy .

    So 2019 is here and I'm ready to. "Move on "
    Best wishes and thanks for your support
  10. Well done Mark. Great to hear you’re looking forward. (y)(y)
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    Sutton Coldfield
    Best wishes Mark, well done.
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    Glad to hear you’re nearly at your goal. Hopefully you can “ live a little “ this next year. Hope it’s good one for you.
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  13. My sincerest best wishes for all and any who adopt this kind of lifestyle change, you won't ever look back, you will feel and be healthier and no doubt dodge many a potential health problem in later life. It is not easy to make major lifestyle changes of this kind, it is akin to smoking and the like. I don't ever look at people in a critical way, we all have our demons.
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    stratford on Avon
    DONE IT ,,,,,,,, 6 stone lost , Must of been the going out on manoeuvres yesterday afternoon that did the trick :)
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    Well that's one hell of away to start your new year Mark! Its great to see how well your doing. Happy new year trim lad!!!
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  16. That’s nearly space for an extra person, next time you go punting in Cambridge (y)
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    stratford on Avon
    Just thought I’d report in for duty
    Jumped onto scales this morning to be greated by numbers I would never of dreamed of 6 months ago ,
    Fecking chuffed to bits

    I’m also heading of to Lincolnshire a bit later on to see a girl I’ve been talking to for a month , fingers crossed

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  18. Don’t they term that “grooming”?:eek:
    Have a good day Mark
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    stratford on Avon
    Thank you very much , yesterday was a good day , met a lovely lass for coffee at 11 am , was only supposed to be for a hour but coffee ended up being lunch and a 11 hr natter , I think 2019 might be a good year !!!!!! :)

    No I didn't @Wooly nor does she have a sister
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    As I said on the other thread, that's really great news and I wish you every future happiness
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