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Discussion in 'Computers & IT' started by milkloss, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. milkloss

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    East Sussex
    A question I’ve been meaning to ask and mention of it on another thread made me think. How do you do it, how does it work when it comes to displaying information on each one and does the cursor cross from one to another with your pointing device?

    I’m green so tell me what you know!

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  2. Depends on what mode you run them in.
    If you extend the desktop across the two monitors then the mouse cursor will cross from one to the other as you move it. You can position different windows on different monitors.

    Edited to add...
    As to actually doing it, just plug another monitor into the graphics card and set it up in the graphics settings.
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  3. Shutesy

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    Storeman sums it up well. It's a case of knowing what type of input your computer will take, often HDMI in more modern machines. Once you have the right cable it's a case of plug the extra monitor in and I think the setup screen comes up, if not find the 'Display' section in the control panel and it can be setup from there. Can't be without two screen now!
  4. Bob c

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    if buying a new computer
    get a graphics card with two out puts

    got a work computer with motors , really well

    my old computer had a plug device and it was faff to set up for two monitors
  5. neilo

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    Do you not have to clear loads of ‘very important’ stuff from the top of your desk in order to run two monitors? Or do you guys mount them on wall brackets?:whistle:
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  6. milkloss

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    East Sussex
    So you butt these monitors up against each other and they bahave as one larger monitor? Or do you simply display data in one for reference so you can enter data in the other? Could you display a page from an application in one and then continue using another monitor for data entry into the same application (as an example viewing calving dates in one and then selecting culls in a tick list on the other)? Would the application need to support this or could you effectively print screen to the slave monitor?

    Questions, questions!
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  7. Dairyfarmerswife

    We use a TV connected with a HDMI cable for sharing information across the desk, linked to both pcs. Just switch input using the AV input button. Also useful for displaying two windows.
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  8. Bob c

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    using solid works on one or can maximize to spread across both so have two cad drawings open
    solid works on one or any other program ,.....word,.excel. . power point dont matter which
    and on the other monitor my docs or email
    but while any program is open you can drag across to the other monitor
    i got two 24" monitors think i can fit a 3rd as well
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  9. If you run it as an extended desktop, you can indeed have different applications displayed on each monitor. A two monitor setup is a revelation, even for office work. Think of it as having a bigger desktop, spanned across two monitors.
    Since going to a two monitor setup, I could never go back to a single one.
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  10. Boysground

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    I had to move a few mugs to get my 2nd monitor in.:D

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  11. I will take a picture of my office and you will see how it works.

    Gives me an excuse to tidy up....

    Buy a PC with a graphics card with multiple ports, then choose monitors that use the remaining ports. Some use the old fashioned VGA, some use DVI, some use HDMI some use mini HDMI and others use display port. My card has 1 DVI, 1 HDMI and 3 display ports, so I could run 5 monitors fine.

    They do not have to be the same size, brand or resolution, the software handles all that, but they will need to be identical if you intend to use them for surround gaming which you don't.

    Windows handles the desktop, cursor and window movement etc natively.
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  12. Looks a bit like this. I've dragged the windows mail client halfway between both screens so you see how it works.

    For doing your accounts and so forth, it can't be beat- you can have your emails and invoices on one screen and be inputting the stuff on Xero on the other.

    My main monitor is 27 inches, the other is 24 inches. Both cheapo LG ones, only only do 1080p resolution, not 4K or anything.

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  13. Bob c

    Bob c Member

    on ,mine i get the start button on both monitors
  14. Yes, that is an option; I don't have the task bar on the second one as all it does it take up space. You can buy (or probably get for free) third party apps that will manage your monitors in very cool ways, a friend of mine is involved in media editing and he has a monitor mounted on the wall up and to the right above eye level, with his software, he can send windows back and forth to it with a little widget on his main screen.

    In a few years I will get a VR headset and probably work with that, basically unlimited space then- your entire office becomes workspace with desktop VR.
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  15. cosmagedon

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    North Wales
    I've just set my office up with 2 monitors, I used to 2 previously and couldn't go back to just 1 now.

    If your buying new I would say make sure you have 2 identical outputs, eg 2 HDMI ports. I've only got 1 of each on my graphics card, so the main monitor is run off HDMI and the second is VGA so the picture quality really stands out and can be annoying at times. Mine must have auto detected the second monitor as it configured itself as soon as it was plugged in.
  16. JCMaloney

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    LE3 9EU
    3 in the office........ most useful for running apps/systems on one and spreadsheets etc on the others. Old office had a docking station which this one lacks.........might go & liberate it. :)
    Once you have done it you won`t go back to 97 tabs on the toolbar....
  17. milkloss

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    East Sussex
    Thanks for the pictures ad to everyone else, starting to get it now (y)
  18. Boysground

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    That is far too tidy :D

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  19. Badshot

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    Just be a little careful, I know a chap who uses two monitors sometimes.
    This particular time he only turned on the main one, couldn't work out why word wouldn't open.
    When I got there it obviously was opening but nowhere to be seen, until I turned on the second monitor, there were that many error messages it took me a couple minutes to close them all :ROFLMAO:
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  20. Dry Rot

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    I'll say one thing about a Mac, it's easy to position a second monitor where you want and adjust the screens to coincide.

    (But that's about all that's easy!:().

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