mummified calf


Co Down
Morning all,
Looking some experiences. I had a cow due on the 1st April (a bad date i know). Anyway two weeks after that date she had went backwards if anything from calving and I had one vet check her out. He thought something inside here about 4 to 4.5 months old and potentially viable - he suggested we wait a month and scan again. Once i did my sums i realised she wasnt with the bull then and couldnt be incalf to that date having been previously canned incalf to the April date.
So i had her checked again by another vet (both are very good) and i highlighted my concerns re dates. So he agreed to give her a shot of estrumate. She passed something id say was closer to 7 months gestation yesterday (it had been dead a good while by the grey/brown colour of fluids and the birth sack). Covered her with AB's and will have the vet examine her tomorrow.

So what i want to know is: Why? I have never eperienced this. I was reading papers on it last night and i put it down to a hurt (another cow hitting her). Has nayone had any other thoughts or experiences on this.
A few of the articles suggested the dam would be prone to this happening again. Im never afraid to cull but usually with a valid reason. All advice appreciated - i will spare you all the pictures.


Livestock Farmer
Sometimes things just aren't meant to be. It could be so many reasons. You could send it for every test knowing and still not know. Had one in the last 10 years never tried to make her spit it out just sent her cull. Assumed she would be a beggar to get cycling/hold. Depends how much you like the cow really....


Livestock Farmer
We had one years ago vet said she would calve it in her own time, IIRC she went nearly 11 months then produced a little bag of bones about a foot long all nice and clean no infection and she went on to get back in calf no problem.
vet reckoned she didn't calve before because it was small and not infected s no reason for her to, never found out why it happened but she had several calves afterwards


Livestock Farmer
The only thing I have to add is we've got one with a mummified calf who is a positive for neospora so I've put it down to that. She will be culled as she is now out of the block, and dry.

Bruce Almighty

Mixed Farmer
Our scanner man said we had a heifer with a mummified calf.
I presented her to the vet who wasn't really any the wiser.
With my head in the sand, I dried her off 2 months before her due date, but she hasn't calved.
We rotate the Bulls & the one on holiday goes with the dry cows, I suspect he may have served her.
The next scanning should tell us?

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