Mv accreditation


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Does anyone have an idea what a rough cost of accrediting 60 odd ewes would be? spoke to the vets who said it is £23 per test per ewe, I’ve read a lot of people saying they paid a lot less.


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As above, lab fees of £3-5/ewe (x2, assuming no positives/inconclusives thrown up, requiring another test), plus vet time for the sampling, and vet’s fees for admin/postage. That’s on top of the SAC membership costs.
I’m pretty sure the vet also needs to do a visit to sign off the premises to say it’s biosecure as regards double fencing, etc too, if it’s for a new flock/holding.

If you don’t have the sheep sorted and labour on hand, then the blood testing could easily rack up plenty of cost at vet hourly rates, so it pays to get that side organised properly.

I could see total costs coming to £20+ per ewe if you cost everything, but certainly not ‘per test’.


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