N2 Applied receives 15 million euros in EU grants

Written by John Swire from Farm Business

N2 Applied has raised 15 million euros in investment grants from the EU, amidst fierce competition from many of Europe’s most innovative companies.

The grant is funded by the European Innovation Council (EIC). EIC’s mission is to identify and support breakthrough technologies that can transform entire industries, and those technologies must be able to scale internationally and have the potential to become market leaders. N2 Applied will get a ‘full pot’, and it is extremely rare for a company to receive the entire maximum sum of 15 million euros.

N2 Applied’s core business idea is to reduce methane and ammonia emissions from food production, and in-turn convert livestock manure into effective and sustainable nitrogen-rich fertiliser. The manure is fed into a machine known as the N2 Unit and high-voltage electricity is applied to convert the plasma, drawing in nitrogen from the air. The result is that the farmer produces his own fertiliser which can be as effective as chemical fertiliser, and the sharp reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and bad smells benefits food brands.

Trials at Arla Foods’ Innovation Farm in the UK have shown a 90 per cent reduction in ammonia emissions from treated material in independent tests by ADAS.

“This recognition, in the form of a large investment, is another sign of how leading and powerful our technology is,” said Carl Hansson, CEO of N2 Applied. “Manure accounts for about a quarter of the methane emissions to livestock farmers. Our solution means that one litre of milk can have as much as 27 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional milk.

“Methane has as much as 28 times more warming effect than carbon dioxide. At the same time, the gas has a much shorter life in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. This means that if you want to abruptly slow down climate change, you get an almost instantaneous effect by cutting methane emissions.”

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