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    September New NADIS Website Launch, Parasite Forecast, Scour Webinar and Blowfly Alert Update



    The NEW NADIS website will be launched this month. The new site will be mobile friendly, allowing users to easily access our resources wherever they are.

    The website will be regularly updated with new information and features including:

    • Monthly Parasite Forecast and Webinar
    • *NEW* Risk Assessments for on farm diseases such as IBR and Sheep abortion
    • Webinars covering livestock health topics
    Updates on seasonal diseases

    NADIS Blowfly Alert Update


    Professor Richard Wall from Bristol University comments, "This is now the peak risk period for lambs on farm, the combination of warm but increasingly wet weather and rising nematode burdens will result in a severe risk of blowfly strike. Ewe risk is currently lower than that of lambs, but will increase over the next month as fleece regrows and lambs move off farm

    To find out the risk in your area, or to report a case click here

    The blowfly risk alert is produced by NADIS in conjunction with Elanco Animal Health using met office data and a detailed understanding of fly biology and sheep susceptibility to strike


    Parasite Forecast Webinar

    • Preliminary Fluke Forecast
    • Quarantine Treatments
    • Sheep - PGE and Haemonchosis
    • Cattle - PGE and Lungworm


    Calf Scour Webinar

    In this webinar Dr Tim Potter discusses the economic impact, causes, treatment and prevention of calf scour


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