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  1. Natural materials:

    (Any I’ve missed?)
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  2. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    bamboo, hemp, nettles, milk (yes, milk)
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  3. br jones

    br jones Member

    Now your being silly
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  4. delilah

    delilah Member

    hair: we have made some lovely products with camel hair
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  5. Agrivator

    Agrivator Member

    Fox skins to hang round your shoulders.
    And badger hair for shaving brushes.

    And that' s just for the ladies.
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  6. Agrivator

    Agrivator Member

    On second reading of the article, we should make the most of what it is saying:

    That many so-called fleeces are acrylic etc., and give off microfibres that are polluting.
    (It's worth noting that the famous ''Edinburgh Woollen Mills'' stock garments mainly made from polyester).

    It's a pity it doesn't conclude that wool garments are the answer. What did Captain Birdseye use to waterproof his woollen gansy? ( or is it ganzy?)
  7. primmiemoo

    primmiemoo Member

    Yak hair is a good insulator. Makes a fine, light yarn.

    Is there anybody spinning the undercoat hair of Highland Cattle?

    It's strange that the NT sell lovely woollen blankets in their Gifte Shoppes, yet haven't thought through the staff uniforms.
    I'm not buying into fabrics that reuse plastic bottles, either. They decompose into micro-plastics just as easily as the original bottles.
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  8. Does this mean I’m going to have to throw my indestructable (apart from welding) work jumpers?:bag:

    I’m not on an NT property though.(y)

  9. glasshouse

    glasshouse Member

    Their fu.ckwit consultants wont earn any fees for saying wool is the answer without a full consultation and 100 miles of bull.s.hit
  10. primmiemoo

    primmiemoo Member

    Keep it, but never - listening? - never wash it.

    When it's no longer required, dispose of it safely within an authorised recycling-to-fuel oil system.
    Deliver by hand, using either your own power, or by equine or bovine powered means of transport (y)
  11. glasshouse

    glasshouse Member

    I only have one fleece which i hardly ever wear
    My work jumper is a good old speights woollen one
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  12. Old Tip

    Old Tip Member

    Haven’t read the article but having worked for the NT for years I do know a bit more of the history about NT uniform.
    When I started their everyone wore their own cloths and we were often mistaken as convicts on day release or some employment training gang.
    We then got fitted out with stuff from estate type clothing suppliers so we looked like gamekeepers or park wardens. Most of the kit comprised of green jumpers, wax or donkey jackets, mole skins or bale baskets. All natural products and all in green or khaki. The problem was the general public saw us as policemen, farmers or army reservists and not many would converse with us.
    So the decision was made to dress like the tourists in modern outdoor gear, it made a big difference but all the stuff is from man made none recyclable materials.
    I don’t work for the NT anymore but will get in touch with a few people as the answer is obvious and can be supplied locally out of local wool. They could mix the aproachableness of the modern kit with the naturalness of the Hoggs style kit.
    To the OP, yes there are a few idiots in the NT as in any other organisation but there are also some great people and on the whole they do support farmers and agricultural
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  13. glasshouse

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  14. 79E1CAD4-9619-48E4-B617-26728C5596A9.jpeg 79E1CAD4-9619-48E4-B617-26728C5596A9.jpeg
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  15. gatepost

    gatepost Member

    I was hoping nobody would notice the link to a flax like substance, now the cats out of the bag, my hopes of a rise in the wool are dashed, and I will have to buy some shedders.:whistle:
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  16. gatepost

    gatepost Member

    they may sag in the wet!
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  17. Rowland

    Rowland Member

    Northeast England
    If there are micro plastics getting in to water courses sea oceans etc from fleece’s being washed then should we make steps to stop it . Fair enough the NT and other self appointed guardians of the country side are a touch on the nutty side but the problem is still there.
    Good time to promote wool cotton and other natural fibres . I’d say.
    Main problems I’ve had with fleeces is setting them on fire whilst still wearing them doing a bit of grinding.
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  18. They go up quite well when covered in oil and then you go welding
  19. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    If you're a cold jessie like me then welding while wearing 2 plastic fleeces tends to pair them for life.
  20. exmoor dave

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    exmoor, uk

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