NATIVE tup for large flock

Discussion in 'Livestock & Forage' started by Keepers, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Bones

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    n Ireland
    Rouge,, but in door lambing only .
  2. Purli R

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    He said NATIVE:banghead::p:D
  3. yellowbelly

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    He's a SHE :banghead:

    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: - sorry, just couldn't help myself :p:p
  4. JP1

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    She (I think) ........
  5. Purli R

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    Er....................that"s a typo.:p (think I got away with that):whistle:

    MDL POWERUP Member

    NC Cheviot, use a good tup and you'll hit R3L in spec lambs but don't expect the speed of growth like continentals or them black dosey floppy eared things!
  7. JoEwe

    JoEwe New Member

    Southdown. Regularly hitting U3L/H on mules/herdwicks/pure. I would send at 40kg plus.
  8. taff

    taff Member

    Dorsets keep all the ewe lambs lamb them early sell all the lambs by mid summer and have plenty of time to sit on the beach! Do something different to everyone eles.That's my plan anyway might get there one day
  9. Ok................ yet still there is a large flock doing well in a Notts village.
  10. Agrivator

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    But the NCC isn't native to Caithness. It originally came from the Scotland/Northumberland Border, which is possibly as close to Nottingham as it is to Thurso. ;)
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  11. shearerlad

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    @Nithsdale Farmer here is your chance to convert another member to the Suffolk fraternity :D(y)
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  12. Al R

    Al R Member

    West Wales
    Need a hell of a shed for 1500 ewes!
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  13. waterbuffalofarmer

    Cheviot are pretty good or border Leicester. I would always go for Lleyn TBH, but that's on personal preferences

  14. Why??


    Beast from the East last year, -5 at nights for a week and 0 through the day. The Suffolks never needed to come in.
  15. BDBed

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    Melton Mowbray
    Completely agree. I used to lamb outside in January, never had much bother. Suffolk on Suffolk X ewes. (y)

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  16. Don't use them anymore but I always found half cross Suffolk lambs to be very good. It was when you went to 3/4 Suffolk we started to get suffolkey problems :stop:
  17. @scottish-lleyn is using Dorset's on Lleyns IIRC.

    Native ewe, native ram (y)
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  18. Sandpit Farm

    Sandpit Farm Member

    I would put a vote in for Hampshires. You can finish from around 36kg (sometimes a bit less) up to 42kg... any heavier and they would be too fat. Finishing on grass works very well. Just send them dead weight. I can give you some breeders names who I would recommend - just go and have a look.

    I think management of the 'ram breeding' flock is so important. If you get something from a show flock that feeds a lot, you can end up with problems as you know. The trouble with Suffolks is there are a lot of these flocks and sheep that are portrayed as 'good' are used in the commercial environment - they fail - and then the breed is judged on this performance. If you investigate, you will find some excellent commercial Suffolk breeders... happy to give you some names if you are interested.
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  19. I've used Hampshire tups on my Easycares as a terminal sire for the past four years. Pretty easy lambing and tough lambs that want to get up and suck. Carcass weights won't be as heavy as Texel x lambs and possibly Suffolks but my reasoning is that you get more lambs to compensate and less work. There is a small discount for store sales. I am careful to buy from a select group of commercially-focused breeders.

    Sounds like there might be some direct selling or similar involved in this plan of yours? If so, Hampshire lambs will take a bit of beating as @Coximus I think will confirm.
  20. southdowns i use bud. But the market often puts them through as dorsets(y). I know a guy using dosets tho he sells alot store as there hard to finish.
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