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Discussion in 'Community Feedback' started by 7610 super q, May 8, 2018.

  1. 7610 super q

    7610 super q Member

    Is it just me that's bored with these 20 page tit for tat threads ?
    It used to be quite entertaining....who can forget ye olde panmixer thread...:cool: or the Quite Frankly tractor threads.:D
    But after 3 pages now.....:sleep:

    Is TFF too big now with too many members ?
    Have i just been on here too long ?
    Am I getting too old ?:oldman:
  2. Northeastfarmer

    You’re just an auld duffer :D
  3. Kidds

    Kidds Member

    There are pleasant exceptions but my general rule for any forum is if it makes it to page 3 it's no longer worth reading.
    If anything that rule is applied far less on here than anywhere else. That's just how forums are.
  4. Thing is, I don’t think TFF is too big or too many members.

    Most threads are populated by the same dozen or so people repeating the same things.

  5. Pasty

    Pasty Member

    But do we really need subsidies?
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  6. oil barron

    oil barron Member

    The thing that makes a good thread is people chipping in that actually have stake in the topic or have genuine knowledge. The inevitable antipodean circle jerk, or the drone of Jeremy Clarkson type advisors/agronomists makes any thread pretty boring quickly.

    @Bossfarmer asks some really good questions that you think would be really relevant to a farming forum but gets shot down in flames with jealousy in a second by one of the above two groups of people.
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  7. Pasty

    Pasty Member

    To be jealous of somebody, you have to covet what they have. What if you have enough of your own, just not in farming assets? This whole jealousy / farmer hate thing makes I larf.
  8. marshbarn

    marshbarn Member

    AAAAgh found it the raven cull thread. Fallowfield calling everyone a headcase made me burst out laughing(y)(y)
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  9. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
  10. I can’t read so can people use more pictures please
  11. you don't your just a bloke with a few chickens :rolleyes::D
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  12. Barleycorn

    Barleycorn Member

    I blame Brexit!
  13. MrNoo

    MrNoo Member

    Except for the "How to remove a dead horse" thread, which has to be thread of the decade for me, and I still dont know how it was removed!
  14. Yes bossfarmer did ask some good questions, problem was quite often when someone asked him/her a question , he/she never answered or replied.
  15. Forage Trader

    Forage Trader Member

    Just read the threads you find interesting .
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  16. Walterp

    Walterp Member

    TFF has become rather boring when, once, it was addictive.

    This is because, despite greater membership numbers, there's a steady attrition of the interesting, the experienced and the original.

    That explains why most threads degenerate into staid repetition by page 3 - those with something fresh to say are shouted down or simply discouraged by the unmitigated dullness of most of the views on offer.

    'Bwch a llo, bwch a llo', as The Duck would doubtless have observed.
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  17. Grassman

    Grassman Member

    Jealous? That I would think is so far from the truth that you could get!
  18. JJT

    JJT Member

    No one does! Its one of the worlds great mysteries, destined to be forever shrouded in half truths and speculation, but never facts.
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  19. Grassman

    Grassman Member

    Is basically virtually everything has already been discussed. Many many times. So its nothing new.
    I tend to just comment on a very few subjects of interest. If I'm not interested I keep quiet;)
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  20. There’s not too many members just too many who are ‘members’ .
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