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New basic Tractor choices?

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by steveR, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. aussie massey

    aussie massey Member

    Have a look at both 57 series models the 57s series is a higher spec machine versus the global 57 series. Cheers.
  2. Dave6170

    Dave6170 Member

    Wick, caithness
    I am so confused with masseys model numbers now. Makes no sense:confused:
  3. Cowabunga

    Cowabunga Member

    They are a shambles. The only way for the layman and potential customer to know is to visit the MF website to see what is what.
  4. Dave6170

    Dave6170 Member

    Wick, caithness
    I just had a look online, There ranges make no sense. 5700,5700 dyna4, 5700s then 6700. :confused: they only offer dyna4 on 2 small 5700 global models, not the 6700 global which would be a sensible option surely?
  5. Joe S

    Joe S Member

    love my Deeres but massey is hard to not look at so a 5 M/R series depending on spec or a 56/57 series massey
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  6. Cowabunga

    Cowabunga Member

    As I said, its a shambles. I can't say what is what myself without reference to the web site.
    It looks like being an industry trend, but MF have the most confusing range of all.

    Chose the right model with the right options and you have a superb machine, but getting there is hard work. What most people do is go have a look at a well stocked dealer and choose something either in stock or tailored to your requirement.
    I think a factory order doesn't take more than eight weeks on some models, so if you do want one signed up before the end of March, you'd better get your skates on.
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  7. Dave W

    Dave W Member

    Steve, having seen your setup and the Kioti you run I’m afraid you may be disappointed with anything you buy in a bigger mainstream brand without spending big ££.
    That Kioti you have will outperform most of the big tractor brands 70-90hp offerings.
    Those Japanese/Korean compacts are amazingly well put together and would put more expensive brands to shame.
    Unfortunately none of them have progressed beyond 50hp.
    Personally kubota would be near the top of the list for what you want but I’d be trying to see what they may be updating in the near future as the kubota brand will only be getting stronger.
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  8. Talking of well stocked dealers, RVW Pugh have a huge range in stock currently. Nearly every configuration of the 56 and 57 series. Maybe worth a look there now.
  9. H200GT

    H200GT Member

    Dad was looking for a similar tractor few months ago, but was lucky to find a good s/h in the end.

    Was changing what had been a very reliable Kubota 9540, needed something a bit heavier. Also proved to be a very cheap tractor to own, with little depreciation. The new M5 series would be well worth a look if you dont need the extra weight or power.

    Logical step would be to replace it with another Kubota, demo'ed the MGX95 but it was uttery gutless, and seemed a bit big. Probably much better further up the range with the larger engine.

    Tried a S/H Massey 5713. Excellent loader tractor, best front loader view by far. Unfortunately it was just not spec'd up right for what he needed, or it more than likley would have been bought. Also, it could just be me, but in the time he had it, I never really got to grips with the dyna 4 box, always seemed to be in wrong gear or range somehow, especially on road work when having stoped and trying to get going again. Probably because I was not shown how to use it properly.

    Anyhow, the conclusion we came to was that the Deutz 5g series / or Claas Atos was the best value for money on paper if purchasing new and not requiring a full powershit gearbox like the dyna 4. It comes with a lot of standard kit that are extras on others, and has a great cab. Not sure why there does not seem to be that many of them about, it seemd to me to be the best value tractor that was nether too basic or complicated, and its was a fair bit cheaper then the equivalent Massey or NH / Case.

    May be worth looking at Landini / McCormic equivalent as well.
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  10. Dave6170

    Dave6170 Member

    Wick, caithness
    They should have just 1 global range, the 4700 75-130hp. Basic gearbox or dyna4 option for them all. No need for three different ranges.
  11. RobFZS

    RobFZS Member

    How much have you got to spend?
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  12. Mike6120

    Mike6120 Member

    For the hours you're doing, and the spec you require, you certainly don't want a basic, low cost tractor.... You need something decent from a mainstream supplier......
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  13. Jd m series ?
  14. Flat 10

    Flat 10 Member

    Fen Edge
    At one time deutz were doing what looked like decent specced loader tractors. @DrDunc will know
  15. Run to the hills

    If it was me id look at zetor or landini first, but that is very much down to a good local dealer.
    Claas maybe worth a look?
    However when we got our new zetor 2 years ago they were very good on price.
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  16. I have always liked the look of the Deutz range but know nowt about them really other than the old air cooled motors which were a peach in my Kramer! Dunno if we even have a local Dealer ;-)
  17. Well our local Dealers cover Zetor and Claas. However, Claas tractors, new and old, don't appear to have the most robust reputation. I know that this can be said about pretty any brand but they appear to have a had a few shockers from reading here and elsewhere and also from speaking to 2 owners!

    Morris Corfield are not really Zetor dealers these days, since the mighty Claas moved in... ;-(
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  18. H200GT

    H200GT Member

    The new Claas atos is a re-badged deutz.

    Closest deuts dealer will probably be Cheshire Farm Machinery I would guess
  19. Strange but apparently true Dave! I was offered one of these http://www.kioti-uk.com/px-series/px9530 a few months ago as several came into UK and Ireland but I was not in a position to move then and would needed to have bought sight unseen, which didn't appeal! They were snapped up quickly by all accounts... About 6-7K less than the equivilant Kubota with the FEL fitted.
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  20. Cheers :)

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