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    I remember seeing a presentation by a poultry farmer who put in underfloor heating and reckoned it would pay for itself in 3 years or so.
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    I was with a young lad on Tuesday manages a Farm on the east coast of Suffolk the farm has 7 sheds with underfloor heating not asked lately how it has worked out. We here some 58 years ago fitted it. It was electric and we ended up adding some LPG on cost grounds. The bit of wiring that happened to be spare is still under our living room floor and very effective when winter really sets in.
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  3. Underfloor is very expensive, air blowers are still needed to achieve full temp, yes it would have been nice , but hey ho cant have everything

    4 of those winterwarms will suffice, with some tech in the controller to stop them over heating the shed past set point causing a heat cool/cycle in the shed, Each heater will be controlled by the average of the two nearest temp sensors,
    Second bank of thermostats will control hydor de-stratification fans,Hopeful often the de-strats will get floor temp back up without gas coming on,
    The destrasts were ordered the day after I spend several hours up a scaffold tower fixing a vent drive in another shed . 34C up there 30 at ground level.
    Other sheds are biomass heated so destats are less of a concern ,heat use is good in those sheds:whistle:
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    Hydor fans are vertical fans to mix air at ground level with apex to achieve an equal temp throughout?
  5. Nearly ready, complete with mentioned hydor fans. just put up this morning

    Water control, filters and dosatron, kids got to white board before I hung it.

    Fancom control panel

    The brains of the operation.

    Sparkies need to return to finish off a few small things, Calor coming to complete gas pipes (after much nagging). floor expansion cuts to fill. Fancom to return to commision the brains
    All done within 12 month of the start of this thread,
    Birds arriving 11 August.
    Then outside yard to concrete
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    That is super smart, super impressive and I imagine phenomenally expensive!
  7. 44,000 day old chicks delivered about an hour ago
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  8. In less than 5 weeks you won't be able to see the floor.
  9. Connops spend time and effort on the floor and I merely cover in in crap
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  10. :ROFLMAO: Didn't mean covering it in :poop: was meaning wall to wall chicken.
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  11. Final addition arrived and fitted a dosing solutions G5 to add a trickle of hydrogen peroxide to the water 1:35000.
    Works well in other sheds
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    Was that Peter Connop laying the floor
  13. Was indeed, rare fellow
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  14. Shed and setup looks gorgeous, nice job!

    Are your dividers there to tighten them up or are they in sexed groups?

    Have you a photo of your dividers? I've just been involved in making some and wondered how others did the job.
  15. Fence is to separate cocks and pullets.

    fence is 3X2 and 1/2 marine ply
    I used a new design for the feet, gas pipe through a drilled holes with big square washers, couldnt get the holes small enough on the washers so welded a sleeve over the gas pipe( or used the pipe couplers as seen here), outer washers sit on an angle to make the hole weldable

    gas pipe was freelly available on my scrap heap, galvanised as a bonus, washers are the type used for making up stanchion base holding bolts so 1/4 inch plate not likely to rot away anytime soon

    The idea being the square washers hold the wood and gas pipe just off the floor to try make it last longer. a drilled hole rather than a notch keeps strenght in the 3X2
    left hand fences are painted one colour right another making it easier to drag them back down the shed when resettting for new crop. this occured as I ran out of coloured sealer but should make life easier. light fences have 1 2 3 and 4 holes drilled as number markers dark the same. painted on numbers wash off in no time drilled holes should stay put.
    some fences have grill vent windows others big hole saw vent holes along the top
    Fence in pics was over 8 ft long so had to have ply extended, others are 8 ft or less so no joints, fences have to go between pan feeders for ease of movement without lifting feeders

    took a surprising amount of hours to knock up the fences,
    fence simple.jpg fence  comp.jpg
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  16. First run of outside concrete. sorting out some interesting falls. not doing all the yard, just enough for now
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