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  1. Pie face

    Pie face New Member

    Openreach have put a replacement pole in. For some reason they have cut off the old pole and put the new one to the side by about a foot. Unfortunately this has had the effect of narrowing a gateway so that I now can't get my wider machinery through that only just used to scrape through.

    The pole went up in October and I immediately complained at the time, before long I'm going to be needing the access and they've not done anything apart from acknowledge my complaint - any ideas what can I do to get it sorted.
  2. Lincs Lass

    Lincs Lass Member

    north lincs
    Scrape a few times with the machinery, they might take the hint to shift it
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  3. Pie face

    Pie face New Member

    Bet they'd be very quick to bill me if I pulled it over.
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  4. Davey

    Davey Member

    Gateway off a public highway I presume?

    Morons race along the lanes all the time, I'm surprised that's the only thing they managed to hit!
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  5. topless_matt

    topless_matt Member

    Take a photo of the cut off pole, the new pole next to it and the gateway. Then contact them stating that the gateway will now need to be widened as they have put the pole in the wrong place without consultation with yourself.
    You have an even stronger point if it is on private land and not the verge.
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  6. Dmc

    Dmc Member

    Or move it yourself.
  7. multi power

    multi power Member

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  8. milkloss

    milkloss Member

    East Sussex
    Whose phone line is it? Makes all the difference.

    Do you have livestock and need emergency access? You have already complained, now it’s an emergency!
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  9. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    Go straight to the top....Clive Selley is CEO of Openreach.

    Have mentioned my dealings with him on here before.
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  10. woodypaul

    woodypaul New Member

    As Steevo says go to the man at top
  11. Purli R

    Purli R Member

    They couldn"t bill you if it "fell" over:whistle:
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  12. Dry Rot

    Dry Rot Member

    Exactly this! Couldn't get any action from BT, so jumped in the car, drove to head office, and walked in to the CEO's office. I was in there before they had time to close their mouths. Got the job done pronto.

    Did that with British Airways cargo when they lost a dog of mine in Ireland during the Christmas period some years ago. They had me on a plane, sitting in the jump seat next to a pretty stewardess, in next to no time. Got the dog back, too, but it's amazing how far they can travel in a few hours.
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  13. Pie face

    Pie face New Member

    Low and behold Openreach turned up out of the blue and said they would jump on it and have it moved within 2 weeks - we shall see!
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  14. Ley253

    Ley253 Member

    Thats within two weeks of starting the job!
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  15. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    What route did you take?
  16. dannewhouse

    dannewhouse Member

    the wayleave agreement they have states an exact position, it is not 1ft to the side, this applies for stay wires as well, don't let the cheeky buggers move them!
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  17. topless_matt

    topless_matt Member

    Only if it is on your land and not on the highway owned verge.
  18. dannewhouse

    dannewhouse Member

    ahh, never thought of that 1 im sore houses can get them moved if they decide to add or widen a driveway I suppose they will pay but you shouldn't as its their problem.

    alternatively anonymously move them with an older long trailer.
  19. Exfarmer

    Exfarmer Member

    Bury St Edmunds
    The highway very rarely own the verge! A common misunderstanding.!
    It only happens in new roads built after WW2
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  20. topless_matt

    topless_matt Member

    Highway have right of access to install utilities in first metre and half of verge on most roads Agree they don’t own it but they can put in services

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