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Morning All,

I thought I would let you know about some new versatility we are now offering for both Claydon Hybrid trailed and mounted drills. Our new LD offering gives our farmers the ability to easily interchange between the standard Claydon seeding set up and our new Low Disturbance set up depending on conditions and scenarios.

The LD set-up consists of a new design twin-tine with double front cutting disc and is capable of drilling directly into stubbles, cover crops, pastures and heavy trash situations. Some of you will have seen our twin tine offering (Wet Weather Kit) in the past which is great for wet conditions but never quite strong enough or refined enough for LD into firm soil. The new version of the twin tine is a lot better because it features a double leaf to increase the breakout force of the tine so it’s much stronger. The new tine has greater fore and aft movement while it has reduced the vertical movement maintaining seeding depth accuracy. The 15mm wide point creates a small amount of lift to generate tilth to ensure good seed to soil contact.
Low Disturbance 1.jpg
Low Disturbance 2.jpg

The great benefit of the design is the ease and speed of changing over from a standard direct strip till set-up to the LD option. It's swap-in, swap-out. The twin tine replaces the A share – undo three bolts and bolt on the new set-up - whilst the double disc replaces the standard leading tine – pull out the pin and slot in the new discs. The disc depth can be changed individually. The versatility of the Hybrid drill means it really is a case of one drill to do it all.


Below are some links to the LD kit in action

Below is a really good video that Spencer talks through the versatility of all the options;

The LD kit is fittable to all Claydon Hybrid drills that we've built since 2009. Thanks for having a look, feel free to reply or drop me a call if you have any questions 07747231289


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