New fungicide – Flag leaf gets new option


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Univoq has been launched by Corteva Agriscience, bringing a new mode of action to T2 fungicide programmes. CPM finds out how it works, how it performs and how to look after it. Inatreq is in a new chemical class. By Tom Allen-Stevens Cereal growers have a new fungicide for the flag leaf spray and a new mode of action on septoria – the first to be registered in the UK for 15 years. Univoq combines Inatreq, the new active from Corteva Agriscience, with prothioconazole. It offers curative and protectant control of all septoria strains, as well as label approval for other major diseases in wheat, rye, triticale and durum wheat. Univoq’s iQ-4 formulation is designed to ensure it sticks to and spreads across the leaf. Outstanding is how Stuart Jackson describes Univoq’s level of control of septoria in wheat. “Inatreq is in a new chemical class – the picolinamides and its active ingredient is fenpicoxamid,” explains Dr Greg Kemmitt, global fungicide development lead at Corteva. “An interesting aspect is that it’s derived from fermentation. We take the streptomyces bacteria and ferment it to produce an antibiotic – UK-2A. Then there’s a single-step modification with this to deliver Inatreq. When…
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