New heat detection technology "flashmate"

Discussion in 'Dairy Farming' started by jerseycowsman, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. jerseycowsman

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  2. Is anyone selling them over here?

    There was some discussion about them on the NZ farming or NZ dairy farmers FB page back in kiwi spring and no one who'd tried them seemed overly enthusiastic about them. It seemed rather a lot either didn't go off or they fell off.
  3. sidjon

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    kiwi kit are selling something similar, but don't know anyone who will use them again.
  4. Alternativedairy

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    South Wales...
    Not entirely sure if it applies here but in nz it says they are about $8.75 per device, in packs of 24 or 96. So...about 7.50ish in our funds?
  5. Yeti

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    They won the innovation awards in NZ and they sold about 200,000 last year so they must be decent. They are simple to use and so easy to spot heats when you watch the video's. They reckon KiwiKit will be selling them for £7-8 but the figures say if you increase your 6 week in calf rate by 1% it returns you £7 so pays for itself. Have a look at the video. I reckon it's worth a go.
  6. Irish NZ

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    5-10% losses is what they say. Heard from a few farms it was closer to 25%.
  7. Clay52

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    Ouch. So if that's what you are relying on to detect heats it will probably lower your 6 week incalf rate. Also it's hard to determine false positives if all you have is a flashing light to go on.

    It's hard to beat tail paint and a set of eyes.
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  8. Yeti

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    You don't drop the tail paint. It to use in addition to tail paint.
    If your 6 week in calf rate is 95% you probably don't need it. Unfortunately Teagasc and AHDB quote the average nearer to 65%. If this get the national average to 78% it would add £25k to the bottom line of every farm.

    Anyone who has a 6 WICR of less than 85% can benefit from improvements surely to become more profitable and more efficient?
  9. I'm a big fan of tail paint and can't really ever see myself using anything else. The only thing is that paintis not always a definite yes or no, it's far more subjective than kamars or flashing lights and for accurate results I think it needs to be the same person painting and drafting each day.
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  10. Yeti

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    I agree. If the same person is doing it then it's more consistent. What I see FlashMate doing is pushing people's % on to the next level, but don't drop tail paint. The two together can apparently return far better results and less missed heats. They're growing massively in NZ and Oz so must be doing something right.
  11. Clay52

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    They are not going to give any better results than Kamars and paint but at a higher cost and people have been using that combo for years.
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  12. Yeti

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    What's your view based on though? If that combo is that good, why is the national average 6 WICR only 65%? I always keep an open mind.
  13. Clay52

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    First. Tell me this. How is it going to work any better than kmars and paint.
  14. Yeti

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    Technology moves on I'm not the manufacturer, that's for them to answer. One simple thing is that they can be spotted in the dark at 300 metres, so even a simple thing like that means less heats missed. They're new in the U.K. So time will tell how good they are.
  15. Clay52

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    That doesn't answer the question. All you need to do is be able to see it in the dairy. If someone can't see a bright red kmar and rubbed paint while milking this isn't going to help.

    My guess is a lot of people using them will be the ones looking for the magic bullet to fix their fertility rather than solve the actual problems and probably not gain anything.
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  16. Yeti

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    Perhaps if you're in the top 5% doing 85% you won't need these?

    They have a chip in the unit that is based around algorithms to be more accurate on heat detection alerts.

    They won't solve fertility issues, you're spot on.

    If they move a farm from 65% to 78% and add £25k to the bottom line then they are worth trialling. That's all I'm saying. The proof is in the pudding. Sticking to something that isn't returning the required performance, what ever system it is can't be the future. It's a no brainer to try some in my view.
  17. Stump Grinder

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    Where do you get the cheapest tail paint?
  18. Yeti

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    Cheapest is B&Q emulsion! If you want the best product then it's FIL tailpaint. Most get it from KiwiKit
  19. Clay52

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    There is no pudding though. Give us a reason why they would move a farm from 65% to 78%. Just throwing figures out like that is meaningless.
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  20. Yeti

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    What is your current 6 WICR ?

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