New holland or claas combine


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Looking at combines at the moment. Not enormous ones, more like cx 7 or 8 new holland or claas tucano 450 or lexion 650 depending on what's available. What are peoples thoughts between the two makes? Have also enquired about mf and case but everyone we've spoken too said go new holland or claas. Cheers
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We changed from claas to new Holland this year. From a 570 class to a cr8.8 Nh. Too early to tell any difference in running costs yet. But no regrets so far.


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I’ve been told by someone whoes job it is to look into annual reports and compare costs, that on the broad spectrum, claas is the most expensive combine brand to maintain in Denmark. Yet it is the most sold, so either other costs are less, or farmers have other reasons to buy them anyway. They are about 15% above average in costs per hectare in maintenance, when looking at multiple years and all models.
I don’t own a combine, but i am in a group of farmers, where we try to optimise machinery costs. Two of the others have lexions. We had combine costs on the agenda at one meeting last year.


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Rickerbys have a very tidy lexion 560, 660 vario cutter bar with rape kit coming in soon 11plate
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Both are regarded as premium brand combines. My experience is the New Holland will produce a better sample and have slightly lower losses
A Claas will cost more in servicing and parts but no other company can compare to the back up offered by Claas and their dealers.
Unlike CNH they understand the pressure is on at harvest and the main parts depots are open after hours weekends and Bank Holidays and that in a catchy time can be worth it's weight in gold !


My choice would be new Holland for running costs, either been lucky or something but never spent a lot in repairs
claas good with back up combines but don’t know if you bought a s/hand 6/7year old one if they lend out in case of repairs
suppose they would after look after the newer ones with loan machines first

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