New lada niva


Well Oliver Walston collects Trabants!
Q. What is the difference between a Jehovah's Witness and a Lada?
A. You can close the door on a Jehovah's Witness .;)


South Cumbria
The Ukrainian police still had them 7 years ago, I felt very sorry for the officer has he fined me about £30 for not stopping at a stop sign I'd not got to yet ,


Cant be too bad if used in russia,but id not want one.probably just badge snobbery though
For example, there are still a lot of people about that would't touch a Skoda car, even though (As part of The VW group ) they are streets ahead of what they were producing 25 odd years ago. Just the thoughts of having a car with that name on it parked on their driveway makes them wince. Slightly off topic, I remember The Renault tractor rep telling me he had some clever bugger come up to him at the Great Yorkshire Show telling him with words to the effect "I don't care how good they are I wouldn't by owt French, cos I hate the French". He then asked him what tractors he ran "Massey Ferguson I always buy British!" he replied proudly "Which models sir? " asked The Renault rep. When he told him which tractors he owned he politely pointed out that most of his Masseys were actually built in Beauvais.....France. The guy actually said " I don't bloody believe you!" and walked off!

Muck Spreader

If that's the new Niva it looks just the same as the old 70's one,is this the Land Rover influence in it. The designers apparently described it as a Renault 5 put on Land Rover chassis.

Get ready for pest monitoring, advises PGRO

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham

The Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) has issued new advice to help growers understand the importance of measuring pest populations before any decisions are made on insecticides. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Ahead of the trapping season, the PGRO has produced a new masterclass video to help growers understand how to trap and assess pest populations. The key advice is that using a range of preventative tools will be crucial for farmers looking to reduce cases of pea and bean weevil, pea moth, and silver Y moth this spring, while finding more sustainable ways of farming in line with new agricultural policy, according to the PGRO’s research and...