New Political Party led by farmers and other such local rural people

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Andrew B, Dec 3, 2018.

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    And through all of that, the Monarchy realised that it needed to change too. Our EU leaders haven't worked that out yet.
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    I am a great believer of the Jury service system of 12 randoms deciding life and death. We now have the technology to apply that random process nationwide by use of the postcode lottery. So anyone who fancies being a politician buys a postcode lottery ticket on the dedicated MP lottery day than one postcode is drawn per MP constituancy. If more than one then winner drawn by lot. Really does not matter who is MP as country is actually run by civil servants and they dont change with elections.
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    Bury St Edmunds
    If only :)
  4. I would agree in most of what you say. . . . . but i'm not sure tying the idea of 'the best' and money works very well in politics.

    Last thing you want really is people doing it for the money. Sadly politics is what it is, its always going to be some kind of calling or vocation for it to work, but there in lies its own problem. . . . .
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    Agree, the best are headhunted at university and fast tracked into high paying city jobs.
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    .......just like Fred Goodwin.......
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  7. So four months on from my original post ( please read if you missed it first time) are we just going to hope that the political muddle we are in as a country will just go away.

    Surely a party run by proven leaders be they farmers, businessmen, union leaders, head teachers or whoever, can do a whole lot better than who we have at present.

    Surely there must be a few on The Farming Forum who feel it was their duty or responsibility to do something?

    One poster said a new party or organisation should just "ban" those who have been involved in politics before and who are tainted by the nonsense that has been going on in parliament these last few weeks.

    Do we really need new parties run by politicians or can something new be launched?

    Sure we will loose a few good people who have shown honour in the midst of apparent lies and deceipt but a new start may bring a new opportunity for the country to come together

    Is labour/ conservative etc relevant anymore?

    Is this really a time just to "hope for the best" and continue believing things can only get better?

    I can't imagine the news organisations giving us any promotion but with social media anything can happen

    My suggestion for the way forward is to set up "The Leaders Party"

    I look forward to hearing from you if you feel similarly
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    There are plenty who would agree with that. I think the general feeling amongst the British electorate is that we have all been let down by the current member of the Commons.

    Politics is different from business - Donald J Trump is an example of someone who is used to running a business now running a country on the same methods. It's different, and a breath of fresh air for those who voted him in. Whether he is a success at it is a whole debate by itself. The US economy is expanding but the poor are getting poorer yet the rich are getting richer. Is that a success? That depends on which side of the line you stand.

    Politics is a different game. Diplomacy, horse trading - YouTube search Yes Minister and it is surprisingly accurate. A "real" party of Leaders will still need advice from seasoned civil servants who understand how the system works. Create a hybrid with the best of Whitehall and "normal people" and you have hope for a better future. I'll bet most newly elected MPs enter the House with honest intentions of reforming the system from within but eventually realise they can't change much at all and learn to play the Westminster games to survive the next General Election.

    It is too easy to criticise the current incumbents from the comfort of your keyboards - how would you be different and make the changes needed to bring credibility back to current politics? You have to say the right things to get enough support to be voted in, then actually do the right things with austerity budgets whilst considering that one size does not fit all. Many policies start as honourable yet get bogged down by unintended consequences.
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    If we had proportional representation then it would be a good idea. As we do not it would be a waste of time and resources better spent lobbying politicians of all parties with influence over Agricultural Matters.
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    PR results in hung parliaments and coalitions that struggle to achieve much. Even a handful of DUP MPs can mess up the Tories!

    What we need is a benevolent dictator...
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  11. Guy Fawkes and Nigel Farage are the two men the country needs today. The whole brexit phenomena wAs Nigel Farage project so pay the man to complete what he started.
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    Scottish Borders.
    If only ! need cromwell n all he was a farmer you know.
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    canterbury NZ

    Excellent post that(y)

    How do you run a country when EVERYONE, that has a vote, has a different opinion on what should be done?

    Yes Minister was brilliant(y)
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    Thatcher and Bliar both had a good run and got plenty of stuff done 'under their terms'. BUT, they both also had the luxury of a huge parliamentary majority. Small majorities are just a miserable struggle for all involved..... and boy does it show right now.:(
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    Scottish Borders.
    The stupid woman didnt even make an attempt to fight for the general election, no wonder she nearly lost.

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