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Discussion in 'Weather' started by Chris F, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Chris F

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    We have been wanting to add a new weather page, but finding something good out of the box that also allows Farmers to look up historical weather data hasn't been easy. But we think we have found something pretty good, not perfect, but pretty good.

    You will see above this post is a link to the new weather page -

    When you first click on the page, it will ask you to allow to use your location. This is so it can base the forecast on your local area. You need to select yes and if it gives you the option, also tell it to remember this decision.

    This page takes 3-4 second to load on a good connection due to the amount of data, we know this isn't ideal, but there is a lot of data.

    At the top you will see the current conditions for your area:


    Your location is in the box at the top, you can change for DegC and mph to km/h and DegF is you prefer.

    The next part of the forecast is the Map. There are lots of options on the map, you can use the box at the top to go between, Temperature, Fells Like Temp, Cloud Cover, Precipitation Radar, Wind Speed, Wind Gust, Dew Point, UV index and Pressure (I have no idea what the relevance of the Emoji view is).

    Here are a few different views:





    The next part is the forward forecast for the next 7 days, this is the summary view:


    You can then use the short expand with the plus to see more information next to any day:


    You can then Click on "More Details" to get the full forecast for any day:


    As there is no back button, to go back to the beginning you just reload the page.

    The final bit it the "Time Machine" section that allows you to look up what the weather conditions were on any day in the last 365 days.

    If you click the button, and you can select a date from the calendar:


    Select a date and then see the forecast for that day. Use the slider to find out the exact conditions at any point during that day. For instance on 10th October at 12 noon in Lichfield, the wind speed was 10 mph from the South West and at 4pm is was 13mph from the same wind direction.


    We haven't finished making changes are we are aware this doesn't work on certain browsers, where addons have been included. But hopefully some of our 260,000 readers find it useful!
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    A good addition Chris, well done.
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    Will come in handy, cheers
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    Thank you

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