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The trunk actually belongs to the chap whose land I have been clearing next door. It was the only tree we had to remove when putting a track through his woodland. If he doesn't want it I was thinking about making a display of antlers. I have a stag here who is now 15 years old and I have all his antlers from previous years. He was left with his antlers on this year (normally get de-antlered) because I was thinking it might be his last year. So I was thinking about mounting all the antlers up the trunk with his final head on the top.
I would have to lay it all out on the floor first and see if it looks totally naff. Which ever way I set up a display it's going to take up a lot of room.

Finn farmer

Could you do a photo from the back please, presumably it has a door. And how long and wide is it? Looks ideal for my tipper body on the pick up!
I'll take pictures tomorrow if i remember. It doesn't really have a back door, only the galvanised rear board is hinged and will fold down. The hard top has gas struts on front and the lockable latches at the rear keep the top down. When the top is raised up, it can be locked so it won't drop on you when the trailer is tipped (as you can see it has two hand operated levers, the other adjusts the small front wheel and the other tips the trailer so you can be sure it stays tipped when driving sled or quad into the trailer).

The trailer's net dimensions are 3,5m long and 1,5m wide (can also be had atleast 1,85m wide, maybe even wider). The galvanised boards are 33cm high and the hard top is 1m high. So the gross capacity is almost 7m³. When you take into account that the hard top isn't exactly a perfect box, i'd say the net capacity is somewhere around 6,5-6,7m³.


Why would an r series be cheaper?
Very few premium 30 series about, I think a lot got exported ( including the 6330 I traded in for a 125r 5 years ago) . They also are quite sort after for livestock farms I think because they are quite heavy duty but compact where as the R series is longer wheelbase and a big bonnet to see over if you're looking to put a loader on it . The 4cyl 30 series replacement was the rc model which sold very little in number and had the big bonnet of the r series anyway, and so for 8 years there has was no real replacement for the popular 4cyl 30 series , hence their very strong residuals .
If I was buying new I think the same will be true, with a 6120m sloping bonnet ending up with much higher residuals than a 6120r despite being cheaper to buy .
Suits me as I would much rather drive an R series , not that I'm going to be allowed to drive this one I'm told ! :D

The Big Farming Survey deadline is fast approaching

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The 31 March deadline for responses to RABI’s Big Farming Survey is fast approaching and everyone linked to farming across England and Wales is being encouraged to take part.

“The support that we’ve received since the launch of The Big Farming Survey in January has been incredible. We’d like to thank everyone who has already completed the questionnaire or promoted the research project more widely,” says RABI’s Chief Executive, Alicia Chivers.

“However, the more comprehensive the data collected, the better the reflection on the daily realities of people from all sectors of agriculture and across all regions,” she adds. “We therefore want to hear from farmers, farm workers, contractors, spouses, adult-aged children and...