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Discussion in 'Brexit & Politics' started by bobk, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Honest john

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    I really can't get my head around why you make the comments you do regarding the UK leaving the EU.

    Since June 23 2016
    Wheat Up from 107 to 147
    Rape up from 253 to 346
    Feed Barley up 98. To 121
    Pigs. Up. 115 p/kg to. 153 p/kg.
    Steers. Up. 171 p/kg. to. 186 p/kg.

    Do you not think that will arrest the fall in Land values & Rents ?

    If you remember we have our own money
    We can set interest rates, adjust money surply, buy Gov debt.
    We can undercut the French tax rates ( not hard )

    Our Land is costly because investors see it as a safe store of wealth again with tax advantages.

    I respect your decision to move to France but why sooooo down on the UK ?
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  2. Most of those price rises are down to the fall in value of the pound. My kids, mum and brother choose to remain in the uk (well my bro looking to move to iom, so maybe not) and I have some properties left. The last thing I "want" is to be down on the uk. I seriously don't see this exit ending well and for myself am pleased to be away from it and able to give my kids an alternative if it goes really bad.
    Good luck(y)

    Do you still employ the guy who helped us out of those tates a few years back? Nice guy.
  3. turbo

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    So by staying in and having a high currency would of helped us how?,I think things will work out for us just fine however I don't think it will end so well for the EU afterall who going to pay more money when we leave Greece.
  4. Honest john

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    No he moved on to pastures new & went Bust, :banghead::banghead:

  5. :(
  6. caveman

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    East Sussex.
    A yes vote to stay in would of been seen as a vote of confidence in the system and an urge to integrate further.
    By now we would of been well on the way to adopting the Euro and fighting against dissapearing round the s bend.
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  7. Honest john

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    I just finished a phone call with my son who works for a major UK Manufacture , they are very busy.
    Increaseing prices to steady orders.

    I was pricing kit for insurance last week & couldn't find the models & ages in English dealers stocks.
    I had to go on the European web site where there was loads of choices in every model & age range.

    Just as when we left the straight jacket which tied the Pound to the Germans we are growing again.

    Maybe just maybe you should have 2nd thoughts on the NF.
  8. Honest john

    Honest john Member

    But I tip my hat to him for having the balls to go it aloan.

  9. I did my "right wing phase" in my teens, won't be going back thanks:angelic:
  10. RobFZS

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    Listening to some of her polices, she sounds abit of a lefty

    Well, the old left, anyway

  11. Well that is some relief for me to hear(y), as I was talking to my old friend who sells JD's and he said he was so received he sold that marque as nothing else was shifting at all and even they were very slow . Plus I bought a machine from Suffolk and that dealer said that trade was absolutely dead:(.
    Just my misfortune to pick the only two quiet dealers in the country then(n)
  12. Honest john

    Honest john Member

    Well Agriculture is hardly in good shape is it.
    The year up to June 23 was very poor with Wheat trading at just over £100, S Beet at £20 dealers unable to do any trade as all there cash flow was tied up in used stock. A large % of 2016 harvest was traded pre 23/6/16 especially by the traders of Pools.

    My Sons work were often laying staff off as Factories were grinding towards a stand still.

    So yes it's going to take time for Buninesses to recover lost ground which is why your Brothers land is not stifting ATM.

    But the turn around has been swift & is building.

    On my sons product line, factory space now full for nearly 6 Months.

    Don't forget pre 23/6/16 ALL the Big wig Politicians, all the so called experts said the reverse would happen.

    There is currently an action re play of this Project Fear on going in France

    Can the French people see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or will they vote for more of the same ?

    I fear they don't have the stomach for change.

  13. I hope/think you are correct about the French (y)
    Not a lack of stomach though, at the end of the day, it's not an island here and they just don't have the same isolationist tendancies
  14. Can I ask @Honest john; do you do all your planting, lifting and grading with Brits? Tbh, my last years of veg growing I just found the idleness plain depressing
  15. Honest john

    Honest john Member

    No we don't just employ brits.

    Before the EU we had staff From all over.

    India, Chile, New Zealand, Aus, South Afaica, As well as Lithuania, from memory.

    Now just from East Europe.

    Life we carry on out of the EU as it did before. IMO.

  16. Hmm, it's just I don't see this great British industrial revival you talk of happening off the back of the Brit lads I left behind. Now, if you could build an economy using play stations...
  17. turbo

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    Fortune favours the brave,plenty of business s will grow with the right attude behind them,the ones that fail will be the ones moaning that we are leaving

  18. How many full time employees does your business depend on?
  19. turbo

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    No full time employees

  20. That's a good stroke of luck then(y)

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