Nice to be appreciated!

We spend a lot of time pricing jobs and then trying to convince folk why they should choose us vs. a myriad of others, many who sell on price alone.
We are rarely the cheapest but pride ourselves on doing a quality job and leaving the customer happy...well we would say that wouldn't we :)
Great for our whole team when someone who really counts( the customer) confirms its not just sales "bull"!


Thanks, we built a new fully insulated giraffe house at Woburn safari park and then fitted out with bespoke feeding racks, isolation pens etc. A Nice job to work on but very similar to larger farm buildings we have done...…….giraffes a bit tricky to milk though I'm :)

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Weighing Made Easy webinar with Tru-Test & Breedr - Weds 3rd June at 1pm

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Join us for a live webinar with Alison Fergus of Tru-Test next Weds at 1pm to discover how our products now integrate to let you:

  • Weigh each cow in under 20 seconds
  • Make better data-driven decisions at the crush with Breed’s real-time analytics
  • Go deeper in your analysis to maximise herd performance
  • Receive a premium price for finished cattle with weigh data

We’re also going to be giving away an S3 weigh scale worth £395 to one participant!

Register here ( to join us and be in with a chance to win an S3 weigh scale worth £395!