No Till Drill


Afternoon Guys, I am looking at No Till Drills, and i do like the under cut disc so the Weaving GD and Horizon DSX have my attention at the moment. Any good or bad points of the above appreciated
Cheers Bupton


I guess all the horizon and weaving gd users are busy combining. I use a tine drill but have heard with excessive forward speed the undercut design can flick the soil up and not cover the seed. That and a lot of moving parts to maintain. But good for low disturbance/high trash situations I would imagine.


I haven't tried a Horizon alas, but currently have an older caddy GD.

The style of undercut is quite different between the two. The GD doesn't dig like the Horizon is meant to and actually needs a fair bit of weight on the discs to penetrate, like most disc drills. I had a mounted GD demo when they first came out and decided then that if I got one it would need to be a trailed version, to make sure there could be enough weight on the discs without unbalancing the tractor too much.

I expect the current trailed versions are better than the caddy. The trouble with the caddy is the discs are right at the back and the drills center of mass is quite a way Infront of them. The drill can get plenty of weight on the discs, but the whole drill is very heavy as a result, with quite a bit of ballast added to keep it balanced when the hopper is empty and discs are raised.


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I have the Caddy GD trailed, really like it, high levels of chopped straw are an issue with hair pinning, but for minimal disturbance I think its as good as it gets.
If money was no object I would look at the Cross Slot though.
Pretty happy with Sumo DTS 5m. Drilled second wheats last autumn (drill arrived too late for 1st wheats). All Gleam so far, yield well over 10t/ha, even a third crop wheat which was a surprise. Certainly no yield penalty over conventional and slashes fuel use and excessive use of machinery and tractors. Drilling osr now. OK it's big and heavy but you can't see any wheelings at all in the following crop. Except where I did some rolling and can see those wheelmarks in mature crop. Usually can see cultivation and drill wheelings. This way there are none which has to be better for soil health and the growing crop. Only done one season so far but I'm not put off strip till.
Look seriously at the number and quality of the moving parts on the drills you consider!
Weaving uses very few bearings and in stead teflon bushings. They are very easy to change and they last very long time, and there are little maintenance to do. When I look at some of the others on the market, I wonder how they will be after 3-4.000 ha of drilling. There are just SO many moving parts and bearings. Every machine looks brilliant at Agritechnica, but what about after some years?
Also an important thing: an 25 degrees angled dobbelt disc can never place the seed so accurate as a vertical single disc as JD750 or Avatar because some grains will hang on at the inner side of the front disc and be placed in a higher position. But: the slot is always closed and it can be impossible to see where the row is.
I like the caddy because it is so easy to fill from the side with and ordinary small front loader.
Also: if you are tired of crawling and jumping in the frame when calibrating the seeder, it is so easy to do in the caddy solution. I would not buy the model with the rows in front of the wheels.
The GD can avoid stones and also follow curves because every single row can turn to the sides - this means no sideward pressure in curves.
But: my Weaving GD from 2017 is the WORST paint work I have ever seen on any machine! Not even cheap Eastern Europe products has been so bad. They had not even primed the steel!!! Just painted on the bare steel, so when you wash the machine painting fly off in large areas. Wonder if they think this creates good reputation?
I hope this is better today!


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Lorette Manitoba
As mentioned above a jd 750 type has been around for a very long time. I have an 1890jd disc drill rebuilt it the year I bought it. Previous owner had over 30000 acres on it in the five years he’d had it. Rebuild with new bearing and bushings and seed boots. I currently have 20 plus thousand acres on it and still many more acres before bushings will want doing. This design is very versatile and will suit most soil types although loose flowing soil will be its least accurate depth. Tons of aftermarket up grades to fine tune to the user’s preferences.

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