Nordsten drill calibration chart


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I have an old Nordsten box drill - CLE 3.00m - that I use for maize strips. I have never had any calibration info - it arrived with the setting for maize marked on the lid and I have never had to change it.
However, I would like to patch up a bit of barley with it - does anyone have a calibration chart to hand that they could photograph or scan? It will save me a bit of time tomorrow.
Also, there is a high and low gear - how do you change between them? Is it a case of changing the two sprockets round under the cover near the wheel?

Many thanks


don't bother with a calibration chart calibrate it. (chart is miles out and changes miles 1 year to next)

out old SD77 nordsten

calibrate was 63 spins of the handle = 1/8 of acre or 1/20 of a hectare ie spin 63 times weighs 11kg = 88kg/acre

not a bad job drop coulters (4Rclips) put tin under where seed drops the spin handle (I used to do 40 then tip then 23 as was easier to empty than a full 63 spins)
mine had nylon style gears.
and had a chart printed inside lid for hopper?


co down
from wheel size measure diameter where it runs on ground and multiply by 3.142 (pie x D = circumference)
a 3m drill travels approx 1333m to drill one acre.
divide 1333 by circumference of wheel = number of wheel revolutions for 1 acre
only do 1/10 acre or 1/20 acre
example only
diameter of wheel is 0.6m (0.6x3.142 = 1.885m)
1333m / 1.885 = 707 wheel rev
1/10 acre = 71 turns of wheel
1/20 acre = 35.5 turns of wheel
been using this for over 30 years (i usually use the valve neck as a guide to count wheel revs.
catch seed as described in thread above

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