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Now!, be nice, cos I got DB1490 gearbox woes

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by marcusthehat, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. marcusthehat

    marcusthehat Member

    Having replaced the rollpin in the top-cover a few times, and being aware of the signs of its impending failure I "knew" it was due replacing again.
    Except when I drove it out, it was 100% intact, unlike the previous ones which came out "in bits".
    So I guess?, she will require splitting for further action, like replacing the selectors, perhaps?
    Thoughts please (only those that DO NOT include Bryant and May solutions!)
    Just about to Ph the local Indy, he deserves the odd belly laugh I do suppose.
  2. multi power

    multi power Member

    So what exactly is it not doing? I remember a 1394 wouldn't go into first or reverse, had to be split, 2 places I think
  3. marcusthehat

    marcusthehat Member

    As previously when I replaced the broken roll pin, the gear change gets more and more vague, and finally gets so that one does not know if one has got a gear, or indeed which gear?, without testing on the clutch.
    The 2 range change levers still work 100%
    But this time despite the exact same signs/symptoms, it is a different issue.
    She needs to be split anyway since the PTO clutch broke the cable, and then the brand new replacement cable, this a few years ago, so presumably this clutch/clutch pack is stuck.
    The local Indy says it might only be a grubscrew/securing nut on the selector mechanism, that may have come loose, but still a cab-off job at least.
    The old girl is worth spending money on, to me leastwise, as since I am plundering about through trees(mostly) in the Moss, a rough,(i.e. no mirrors or lights to pull off) mechanically simple, but well shod tractor best suits my needs.
    Ah might afford a Valtra before I expire!
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
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  4. Oh Deere

    Oh Deere Member

    No grub screw more pins
  5. marcusthehat

    marcusthehat Member

    Well as I was cobbling her back together this afternoon, for the mechanic to access her likely woes,
    I was finally able to get a peak inside the top of the gearbox, via my newley cut angle grinder cut-out *hole ( in the vertical steel sheet below the drivers seat)

    *Which hole made a whole lotta difference to reaching the securing bolts in the top cover, me having got too old and stiff, and wearing too many layers of clothes to reach in from the rear, like wot I done when younger.(and even then it were bloody difficult)

    Anyway from memory, seen from above, there was a steel (perhaps a casting?) block, somewhere between matchbox and ciggy packet size, split down the middle front to rear, with a presumably, origionally, round hole in to take the end of the gear-change lever.
    Except this hole was clearly worn, such as to be near twice as long(front to rear) as wide, and near out through the rear of the cast block.

    I guess this is part of the selector mechanism.
  6. Flat 10

    Flat 10 Member

    Fen Edge
    Ooooh nasty. Might be a relatively simple fix then?
  7. marcusthehat

    marcusthehat Member

    My Indy not viewed the patient as yet, so no wiser, cheers

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