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  1. NT03 is ineligible whereas putting that area under the main parcel code is eligible. Do that over enough instances and you hit the limit for fines if they disagree.
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  2. Hindsight

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    Yes, these small bit tend to add up. I just use lots of NA02 - also ineligible so does the same trick. Am endeavouring not to send in RLE1 forms - taking pity on RPA!!
  3. I've decided overnight to leave whatever NT03s are there and not put any more in. Slightly inconsistent, but also trying to avoid filling out stacks of RLE1s.
  4. Steevo

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    I thought you could put multiple things on one RLE1 form?

    I say that.....having not completed one for ages.....but when I looked up the hedges and considered it for that I'm sure I would only have needed to submit one.
  5. You can. Some of these tracks I put RLE1s to put them in a year or so ago. We were inspected last year and they have taken some out and put some in with no rhyme or reason so I'm not sure I can be bothered to go through process just to end up where I started.
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    I can’t see that you need to use an rle 1 for a track. I have several fields with a continuous track along one side of them. During remote mapping they said some were tracks and others weren’t. For ease I took them all out.
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    In theory NT03 could be returned to production, rather than being a Permanently Ineligible Feature like a surfaced track or hard standing. My boss is leaning on tenants to plough up field edge and rotate tracks around to maximise the eligible area or is threatening dilapidations. I don't see where he is coming from as it will be irrelevant in a few years anyway.
  8. Flat 10

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    That would really annoy me as a tenant, and I agree with your statement.
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