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Northdowns Martin

Arable Farmer
Snodland kent
Our match uses wooden 2" stakes and a stapled on number to identify the plots which are now looking tired. I'm told other matches use a simpler/shorter metal stake which are pre numbered, anyone have a picture and advise where I can source them?
Seen all sorts, mostly wooden stakes painted or pinned on numbers like you describe. Nicest ones I see are 250/300mm tall triangular ally ones, some times with small 90 deg bend/lip on the top with laminated or painted numbers on them. They will have cost a few quid I'm sure, but last well if looked after and not driven over! Some use plastic things with written on numbers, suspect they're quite cheap to source off t'interweb...


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CHAP Webinar - Innovative tools to overcome the challenges of Regen Ag

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Applying principles of regen ag can incur a range of on-farm challenges. Learn how innovative tools & machinery can help with these hurdles.

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