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    I´ve been min tilling with Bomford dyna drive for two years and contacted drilling with Vaderstad.
    Last autmn bought a nice bettinson + spare drill. Pictures showing a field of spring oats
    that whent totally flat 2017. No crop harvested.
    Rotation: 5 year ley, 2 years sp barleyl (fight some Docks), 2017 sp oats undersown with

    Options: Ploughing, this field hasn´t seen a plough in 8 years.
    Min till, why create a mess of soil, straw and dead worms.
    No till, last and only real option. Glyphosated for oat volunteers and meadowgrass

    Crop:Sp barley and oats 80kg/ha, peas 60 kg/ha and 30 vetch. For silage.

    Drilling date, planned late may. To be harvested together with 2nd cut.
    Drilling date, real 5 june, waiting for rain that never came. 7th june got 3mm rain

    Underneath the straw there was a nice moisture, despite heat and drough. Also bugs,spiders and worms in an
    amount that I´ve never seen.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I was quite satisfied for some weeks (field along the highway), then the heat
    stressed our crops. 25 roundbales (1,2m diam) on 10 ha.
    However I´m quite satisfied that whent " all in" with the Bettinson DD
  2. henric irbladh

    something whent wrong, back in a moment i hope.
  3. henric irbladh


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