Old moore unidrills

We were in the same position as you with an original budget of about £3.5k with a bit of wiggle room. I did get the simtech with the grant and it cost us about £6k altogether after the grant paid £10,300 I think it was. It was a hell of a lot of money for something that will spend most of its time in the shed and I almost didn't do it but by now I'm glad I've got it. It will outlast me (I'm 29) and the old Moore's seem to be going up in price all the time. I saw an ancient very narrow (less than a tractor width) Moore and the dealer was asking £2,800 for it :eek::eek:
The simtech now have gone up in price too (£20k+ I think) so I'd never get one even with the grant. Duncan's are a bit cheaper you might get one of those for about £5k with the grant if the grants are still available. Might be worth phoning someone at simtech to see if they have an old aitchson lying around? No harm in asking they were very helpful when I spoke to them.
when did grant window open?


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I put 18" discs on mine when I got it and had a lack of penetration far too often until the discs had worn down to around 16". Often it would need so much of its weight balanced over the discs that press wheels will stop turning when the hopper is getting empty. I will probably let them wear down to 14 to 15" diameter, then replace with 16" discs.

The 18" discs were fine on it when drilling cultivated ground, but for no-till I think they were too big for the weight of drill and best kept to much later Unidrills that are quite a bit heavier to start with.
Just measured mine. 35mm left... Can anyone advise, where to look for 16" discs for a good price? No problem to find 18".


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Anyone know what kind of drill this is and what it would be used for. It’s all seized up but it could be made to go again
No name plate or anything



Bugger was supposed to start a new thread for this :banghead:
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Can you put some pictures on of your liquid fert system
Yes, please!

And what rates are you using, and what is the target? (max input-max yield/just a little not to kill fungi but eliminate slow start/other) At spring drilling.
@Cambs Farmer i see you have a Moores drill with a liquid fert system for sale, is there any chance you could add some pictures of your system to this thread as a few people are interested in fitting one to a Moores drill

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