Old moore unidrills

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  1. i dont belief it

    North East
    Got my liquid fert hoses behind the coulters so it mixes with the seed
  2. R.B.H

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    Think they were popular in the 70's uncle thought about buying one but they were to expensive back then, most have been scrapped by now as they weigh a bit
    See it's no longer available now
  3. New Puritan

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    East Sussex
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    YELROM Member

    North Yorkshire
    Can you put some pictures on of your liquid fert system
  5. shortshift

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    when did grant window open?
  6. Umm can't remember now it was about this time last year. This was the second application window I think they are in the 4th or even 5th round now even if they are still going.
  7. Strautini

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    Yes, please!

    And what rates are you using, and what is the target? (max input-max yield/just a little not to kill fungi but eliminate slow start/other) At spring drilling.
  8. i dont belief it

    North East
    Sorry pictures are beyond my capabilities
    100 litres ha 14-14-0 on OSR
    100 litres ha 7-21-0 on WW gets the crops off to a good start when direct drilling
  9. Strautini

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    Latvia, Gārsene
    Just measured mine. 35mm left... Can anyone advise, where to look for 16" discs for a good price? No problem to find 18".
  10. 7610 super q

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    No, not me, I'm a tyre kicker...:D
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  11. Or maybe you are just pretty shrewd..... and not about to waste money on an overpriced old drill....
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  12. Karliboy

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    West Yorkshire
    Anyone know what kind of drill this is and what it would be used for. It’s all seized up but it could be made to go again
    No name plate or anything

    1AF697AD-234B-41CC-A89A-444A967A7F6D.jpeg 152E00E8-3C06-480D-85AE-E8E79A841EF8.jpeg CA198E1A-46DD-4ECF-81AC-CD436B02D169.jpeg

    Bugger was supposed to start a new thread for this :banghead:
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  13. YELROM

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    North Yorkshire
    @Cambs Farmer i see you have a Moores drill with a liquid fert system for sale, is there any chance you could add some pictures of your system to this thread as a few people are interested in fitting one to a Moores drill
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  14. From a post in the machinery section. Don't know if it's of any use to anyone but it's a cheap direct drill.
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  16. Strautini

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    Latvia, Gārsene
    2019-03-11 18.00.44.jpg Making greasing more comfortable. Also new 18" discs ordered.

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