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Download PDF With a seismic shift towards reduced soil movement, is there still a place for the plough in the arable rotation? CPM finds out why this is the case for one Essex grower. It makes our system so much more flexible. By Rob Jones In an era where minimum tillage is in vogue, the humble plough has somewhat fallen out of the spotlight. However, that’s not to say it doesn’t have an important place within arable systems for many… Such is the case for Essex farmer, Douglas McTurk, who says ploughing is the main cultivation operation on his arable farming enterprise where roots are a key part of the rotation. T W Salmon and Co Slough Farm, Ardleigh is a 283ha light land farm that follows a predominantly winter cultivation regime and supports winter wheat, spring and winter barley, oilseed rape, sugar beet, and maize for a local biogas plant. Land is also rented out for potatoes and onions. Sandy loam soils mean that cultivations are based on the plough followed by a tine drill. Soils are prone to drying out so fields are rolled to retain moisture where appropriate, says Douglas. “Our soils are predisposed to consolidation and…
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