On-line resource brings together âbest available intelligenceâ on combatting grassweeds

On-line resource brings together âbest available intelligenceâ on combatting grassweeds

A special on-line resource has been launched to provide arable managers across the country with a structured approach to regaining control over their most damaging grassweeds based on the best available soil and crop management intelligence.??

Developed by Roundup specialists with Dr Stephen Moss, Grassweed Action provides well-researched, practical frameworks for regaining control over black-grass, Italian rye-grass, bromes, wild-oats and couch that can be implemented by growers and their advisers in ways which best suit their own farm conditions and circumstances.?? The free-to-use resource is built around three keys to success in modern grassweed management – understanding, commitment and flexibility.

It includes a knowledge hub providing the best current understanding of each weed, a newsroom offering the latest control intelligence and advice, and a growing network of industry links for extra information, guidance and support. ??“We know that even the most intractable and costly grassweed problems can be overcome with the right management, the necessary determination and sufficient time,” pointed out Roundup marketing manager, Maria Konovalova.

“So we’ve brought the best industry information and intelligence on doing this together in a single convenient, well-structured place that everyone can access.??“We are deliberately not re-inventing any wheels or providing any blueprints as there is no simple one-size-fits-all solution. Nor are we seeking to replace good local advice.

Instead, we have worked with Dr Moss to provide structured frameworks for tackling individual grassweeds that can be adapted to local conditions by those who know best.??“For each weed, our resource details the main reasons why it is problematic and identifies key elements of its biology in an easy-to-digest diagrammatic way. Alongside this, the framework summarises the six most important considerations in regaining control over the weed in practice.

”?The Grassweed Action knowledge hub further provides valuable background information on the weeds, their identification and implications for control, while its newsroom contains a library of the latest seasonal guidance, research findings and practical management experience.

A separate section gives comprehensive information on herbicide resistance with links to the most relevant information from other industry sources wherever possible. Also included as part of the resource is a special Grassweed Tracker allowing growers to benchmark their position with other farms in their area, using the increasingly broad regionalised database of experience it is building.??

“While there’s plenty of guidance on managing black-grass available from a wide range of sources these days, the same cannot be said for bromes and Italian rye-grass which are proving every bit as problematic for many growers,” Maria Konovalova noted. “And our most recent research underlines that both wild-oats and couch are continuing to cause problems, so it’s equally important to keep up our control guard here too. “We want Grassweed Action to become the first port of call for anyone keen to get better information on controlling grassweeds.

Through its growing number of links, we see users being able to access extra guidance and advice from organisations, manufacturers and agronomy businesses for the best overall intelligence on addressing their own particular weed challenges.??“It’s all part of our Roundup commitment as the custodians of what has become such a central component of annual as well as perennial grassweed control in the face of the declining chemical armoury on the one hand and growing herbicide resistance on the other.

??“The continuing efficacy of glyphosate is vital to modern grassweed control. And preserving this efficacy fundamentally depends on maintain the best, most integrated cultural controls. To which we very much hope Grassweed Action will make an increasingly positive contribution.”​

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