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In this photo we can see Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali kissing the hand of curvaceous actress Raquel Welch after finishing his famous portrait of her. Dalí painted the portrait as part of the promotional work for Richard Fleischer's film Fantastic Voyage, starring Raquel Welch and Stephen Boyd. The painting was produced in the window of the National Cash Register showroom at Madison Avenue and 61st St, New York. This photo was taken on 20th February 1965.
Call that a painting? must have taken a 5 yr old all of 8 seconds to do that.🤨

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What motivates us to farm?

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What motivates us to farm?

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Motivation in farming is a challenging subject to tackle.

Farmers often think about how we do things, but don’t really consider why. People are all different and come into farming from all sorts of angles, be...