Opico 4.5 or 5 metre grass harrow

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Beefbullock, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Beefbullock

    Beefbullock Member

    Wanted a shop soiled or nearly new grass harrow as close to the midlands as possible please.
  2. claas1

    claas1 New Member

    Try Martin Wood @ Morris Corfield 07974 221729.
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  3. Deutzdx3

    Deutzdx3 Member

    It’s January, try for a new one. Likelihood is you’ll get one for 100-200 over dealers cost price.
  4. Barleycorn

    Barleycorn Member

    Try Halse of Honiton. Had one off them last year with a seeder on, was the best price I could find. Their service / parts backup is second to none also.
  5. bill and bens dad

    west midlands
    i know its not what the op wants (not trying to hijack your thread) but have a little used 3 metre one for sale

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