Orbital steering unit closed or open

This block in front of the orbital steering unit blew up on Clayson 133. Is this just old fashioned steering unit and newer units have this built in or is there more to this as I don't have load sensing line to pump. It's in parallel with other hydraulic functions through which I believe to be priority valve. So think it should be closed centre so other functions have pressure otherwise it would be lost looped through steering unit. Thanks.


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its just an adaptor block, get some different male male fittings and thread straight in to the unit? a load sensing one would have a 5th pipe on the side of the unit, and there is 2 versions of load sensing depending which way the LS line is working, but you just got a normal non load sensing one.

The numbers is on that plate OSR 100, the letters vary and indicate the type non load sensing or which type of load sensing it is.
cheers i think its just the valve shock block, i think its called after more digging, i need. As long as bits not gone inside pump. Only one i can see online are ovp20 so would need to call danfoss specialist to see if relief pressures any different.

Mr Happy

The steering OSPB will be open center and the valve block will have shock and a relief valve fitted. If it's genuine Danfoss valve block there should be a part number stamped into it. Which will help identify which one it is when looking for a replacement.


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I didn't work on Clayson/NH combines, only Claas & IH.
Claas combines of that era & through the Dominators used a similar danfoss unit & some may even have used the same one.
That block usually contained the steering RV & often a cross line RV ( shock valve )
I imagine Manners the combine breakers will have one.

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