Origin fert

7610 super q

Arable Farmer
Started using this years with some trepidation, but it was fine.
Had some 4 years ago, and had to lay the bags on their sides, and bash them with the telehandler bucket. They were like concrete blocks. They were supposed to compensate me, but never did.
Swore I'd never use Origin again........but........sh!te fert is better than no fert at all ?
Bit of exercise with a lump hammer never hurt anyone......


Mixed Farmer
Scottish Borders
Spreading Origin 34'4 today. One bag had a melted together solid lump in bottom of bag and had a few solid cylinders drop out into spreader but 99% was okay. Just need to get my claim in for duff stuff. £600 rebate should cover it!


I have found nearly all brands [apart from CF] of universal 16 or 17 fertilisers to be dusty and lumpy.
I’ve spread quite a few tons of Yara Bela 27%N plus sulphur over the last couple of days and was amazed to find not a single lump or imperfection in 30 tons. Even Nitram has the occasional cone of hard stuff.

Origin can’t supply the truckload of 27-3-3 that I have on order. It is apparently delayed due to the ship being ‘quarantined’. Probably has a Russian connection. I hope that it’s delivered some time in April, along with everyone else’s tonnage, or things will get rather serious.


Won’t ever have it here again.
As often as not when opening 2 bags supposedly of the same analysis they will be a completely different colours, eg one mostly white granules the other mostly brown.

Tends to contain much smaller granules/prills than some other blenders too in my experience.

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