OSR – Spotting the spot

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Download PDF With no shortage of soil moisture, new oilseed rape seedlings have at least had something in their favour in the early part of the season. CPM takes a look at some of the agronomy decisions to ponder as autumn progresses. Sugar-like spores can be found on either side of the leaf, but are tiny, and often hard to spot. By Lucy de la Pasture Light leaf spot has reputation for being hard to keep on top of in a season that favours it. With all the woes the oilseed rape crop has experienced over the past few seasons with cabbage stem flea beetle at large, disease has been a secondary worry for many growers. But the risk hasn’t gone away. For growers planting early, light leaf spot is the foliar disease that poses the most risk to crops. Ascospores are released as soon as the previous OSR crop is harvested, which means early planted OSR is exposed to inoculum over a longer period of time than later plantings – which can lead to higher levels of disease if weather conditions are favourable for disease development. Lesions can form as early as two weeks after infection when average temperatures…
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