Osteo arthritis


I've had a troublesome knee for most of this year comes and goes . Finally spoke to doctor back in November had an x-ray .I got a call from doctors receptionist to say it's Osteo arthritis .So I ask what to do now ?She says ring physiotherapy .So I do and basically there's none available because all redeployed in NHS .They will ring when back to normal . Whenever that is!
Is there anything I can do to help it ?
I'm 46 .
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East Mids
I had physio for osteoarthritis in knees 2 years ago and it really helped. Main message is to keep using it rather than resting it, unless in severe pain. Most of the physio is actually done at home; Was going to upload my printouts for home exercise for you but just found these - reputable sources and 'starter level'. I had to do 6 weeks of exercise before my first appointment, then I carried on with progressively harder ones with monthly appointments to assess progress for 4 months.
. https://www.pennine-gp-training.co.uk/res/Physio OA of the knee.pdf

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Firstly I would defiantly get a second opinion from a Knee specialist
I have Physio for 4 years on my hands , specialist hand surgeon took one look at them and told me Wrist joints are worn out you need an op to rebuild the joint, so wasted 4 years, had one operated on and whilst its not perfect its a lot better.

NI agri-food stakeholder groups discuss climate change bill with committee

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Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland

The Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) recently submitted oral evidence to members of the Stormont Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (AERA) committee on the content and potential impact of the Northern Ireland Climate Change Bill (No.2).

This draft legislation was recently introduced to the Northern Ireland Assembly by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) in conjunction with agriculture minister, Edwin Poots.

“We were accompanied by representatives from a wide range of food industry bodies, including the Northern Ireland Meat Exporters’ Association,the Ulster Farmers’ Union [UFU], Northern...