PA 1 & 2 courses shut down?


I need to get another employee on the course for back up. Given the circumstances, does anyone know if they are still running these courses. What happens if a sprayer operator is short on points if lock down. I want to just ignore all this rubbish and get on with the job. Has all this bureaucratic nonsense now been officially thrown out of the window?


Nonsense all still stands but I would think we all have to take a pragmatic approach. As I see it at worst case is red tractor could give you a none compliance for which you will rectify at the earliest safe opportunity to do so.... Regards points I would expect NROSO to make available more than enough points though online learning etc to get though this season....


Mixed Farmer
Can’t believe anyone is worrying about this at the moment.
Just get on with your work which is essential for the nation.
Until in 8 months time the snotty RT inspector works out that you put some pre-em on your spring beans; sprayed off some stubble and did a t0 and t1on your ww without having enough NRoSO points



Just carry on as you would have done twenty five years ago . As long as he's got the personal protection gear and a bit of knowhow and common sense then he'll be fine. After all that's how we managed before all quangos started up. As you all say on doesn't matter any longer and hopefully all those with clipboards will be gone with the wind when we all come out of this. Stay safe everyone.
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