I've had a sharpe pain on and off for a few days on my left side of my head.
It comes on suddenly sometimes after movement just on the one side and is quite a throbbing stabbing pain.
When I put my head on my pillow it was worse a real throbbing pain but then settled after some time.
Its not a constant and just comes on know and then.
Anyone else suffer with headaches like this ?


Don't want to waste the doctors time with something so trivial.
If it goes on for weeks and weeks then perhaps
I ignored pain, felt I was 'putting it on', ended up in hos for 4 weeks, spinal surgery, ignored the next load of pain, more spinal surgery, i'm now disabled, and had further stays in hos due to pain. still feel like i'm a fraud, claiming my £110 a week! DON'T IGNORE IT. or you might end up like me

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Laois, Ireland
I suffered big time about 10 years ago with head bursting headaches that would come out of nowhere and could last for hours or be gone in minutes. Purely by chance I eventually discovered it was water I was drinking in a place I was working that was heavily treated and it was this that was causing my extreme headaches. I only discovered the water was the issue because I went on holiday for a fortnight and not one headache and when I returned and went to this place I got a splitting headache within an hour of drinking the water. I later found that the water wasn't up to scratch and the authorities had increased the chlorine content in it. It didn't affect anyone else and I can tell ye I was fair relieved when I figured out what was up as I was having visions of all kinds of things gone wrong in my head and none of them good.


South Cheshire
I started having bad pain in my right jaw right eye and right side of my head about 3 years ago .Even though i take morphine based painkillers for other conditions the pain would not shift.
I did find that after trial and error that Ibuprofen with Lysine from Home Bargains of all places worked well.But since been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and take Sukkarto sr tabs i have not had any of those type of headaches since.
So please see the doctor if you have these symptoms you never know :)

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