Paint for wood & metal?

Discussion in 'Buildings & Infrastructure' started by edessex, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. I'm about to stick up some cheap fencing/hoarding (OSB), and it needs to be painted.

    I also have some slightly rusty gates, and several other bits and pieces that could do with a spruce up.

    I have a compressor, so am intending to spray the OSB panels, the gates I'll brush.

    I want to do as little prep as possible, especially with the gates. So ideally I'm after something I can just slap right on.

    No surprise here; I wish to pay as little as possible.

    I've got about 40-50ft of 7ft boards to do, both sides.

    Has anyone got any recommendations?
    Am I best with gloss, satin or matt?
    How much am I likely to get through (I'm wondering if 5ltr would suffice, would have to be thinned slightly to spray anyway)?
  2. vinnie123

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    Bitumen paint would do your job and can be sprayed
  3. I never thought of that to be honest!

    I used some bitumen paint on my trailer base and that seems to have held up okay. But the stuff I have is really thick.

    I don't know if I'd be able to thin it enough to spray.

    Ideally I'd prefer to go forest green, as the hoarding is going behind a hedgerow, but I can live with black...
  4. wr.

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    Warm it up and it'll go on easier.
  5. Bitumen goes tacky in the heat, may be ok on boards but if your touching it during the summer (gate opening?) I would be cautious
  6. Good point, unfortunately I brushed a load on the gates the other day!

    This stuff doesn't seem too bad, the trailer bed doesn't seem to get too tacky.

    I'll be getting some more to spray when I get the hoarding up...
  7. As per usual, it takes me a while, but I get there in the end!

    I kept seeing Heras type hoarding panels going cheap on eBay, well not peanuts, but cheaper than OSB.

    So the other day I won a few, and picked then up.

    The only issue is they are galvanized.

    So, how likely is the bitumen paint to stick without the hassle of acid etch primer?
  8. Why paint them if they are galvanised?
  9. Because they're bloody bright! Lol
  10. suffolksmallholder

    I like this; PAINT LEAFLET.pdf
    It'll go on galv if it's over a year old, not fresh from the dipping plant. Plenty of colours.
    Those who complain that it won't stick to old creasoted boards are correct, it won't! It sticks to a good surface which is most but I'd read the label first.
    Me, I'm quite a fan of dazzle paint schemes & if my wife would allow it I'll paint my barn like a battleship for a laugh!
  11. Some of them are a bit weird, but a few I like!

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