Pasture or Arable Land Wanted to Rent, up to £1000 per day!

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Lets Go Digging, Apr 20, 2016.

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  1. bobk

    bobk Member

    For your information we never do diddly squat as you so eloquently put it , and a grand will just about fuel the tractor for a day or 2, we don't sit on gates chewing grass nowadays ,
  2. I didn't mean you do nothing, I am from a farming family. I was saying you get a grand for doing nothing but shaking my hand on the day and waving me goodbye at the end of it. One day, one thousand.
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  3. Bones

    Bones Member

    n Ireland
    I do, ,,, you might won't to get that diesel leak looked at
  4. That is so funny..................I thought my CRV was bad costing 75 quid to get to Stafford and back for a dig!
  5. JohnGalway

    JohnGalway Member

    Connemara, Ireland
    What happens if less than 100 turn up on the day, 70, 50 etc. In Ireland so just curious.
  6. We pay £10 per head John, so it's all relative to the numbers we can attract. We will not run an event with less than 40. It has to be viable for all. We did a Sunday event very recently, the farmer was paid £1230. A lot depends on the location, the nearby history etc.
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  7. damaged

    damaged Member

    Farm next door turned up hundreds of gold coins two years back.
  8. spikeislander

    spikeislander Member

    So we can charge parking then? Not sure where you could park 100 cars here.
  9. 100 people doesn't equate to 100 cars and no, the fee includes parking. Everyone parks on the hedge line of one of the fields we are detecting on. The way this works is very simple, about 60 cars park on the allocated field, farmyard, wherever is best. Our Admin, who are on site an hour prior are shown the land available and then direct those arriving to their parking area. Detecting commences At 08.00 and at 11am, the farmer gets paid in full. Those detecting call to the finds table throughout the day to show what they have recovered, at 5pm, everything is cleared, cleaned and finished.
    No litter, no bother, no damage.

    This is what we pay for and the number of farmers that are contacting us due to referrals is increasing.

    Any farmer that thinks £1000 isn't worth the effort to walk down to collect it obviously has no need for additional revenue and we do appreciate that there are many that may feel it is a lot of hassle but that opinion couldn't be further from the truth.

    We are fully booked for May, nearly June and taking calls for July and August. We have over 20,000 acres agreed in September when the crops start coming out. We have land in Berkshire, Devon, Cambridge, Yorkshire, a East Anglia and about 30,000 acres throughout Wales.
  10. spikeislander

    spikeislander Member

    Well I wish you all the best.
    Heavy land here and 60 cars going on a field to park along the hedge line would render it knackered for that year. No worries good luck
  11. Boy but your tight, and your not even Scottish.:LOL:
  12. Thanks, never had a farmer say that before but everyone looks at it differently I guess.
  13. buffalo_soldier

    This is one of the best pitches ive seen on here(y).

    Have you any photos of before, during and after one of your events that you could share?
  14. Phill Crutcher

    What do you charge the diggers for the day?
  15. Hi, sorry for late reply, the best idea of how we run our digs is to look at our website

    We have a 100% success rate to date with every farmer asking if we would like to come back. Just had a fantastic dig in Stoke St Millborough this weekend with the farmer offering us another 350 acres based on the way we presented ourselves and the way we left his land.
  16. We charge our members £15 for the day, so the farmer gets the biggest percentage, what we get goes into running the website, providing our members with almost 24/7 support and costs involved in setting up the digs. It's a great hobby and we are taking it to the next level.
  17. newbie

    newbie Member

    For what it's worth, I think it sounds fantastic. Every credit to you for making it work. If I had more land I'd have no issue with you coming digging at mine although it probably wouldn't be viable for you guys on my little plot. Good luck to you (y)
  18. Thanks, comment appreciated. We work incredibly hard to get the permissions we do and our reputation is starting to filter through to a lot of landowners. Hopefully we can change the perception of many because it's a win win for any landowner from the revenue to the potential reward from a hoard discovery.
  19. JCMaloney

    JCMaloney Member

    LE3 9EU

    Its a hobby......not a business. :)

    Notice you haven`t made any mention of recording finds with PAS, the slight issue of needing a derogation from NE for more than 50 folk on stewardship land........... probably by the by where £££`s are concerened

    Sadly the, shall we say "more commercial group" aspect doesn`t help the smaller, long established clubs that have been fund raising for local charities or the landowners charity. It also lacks wa level of local involvement and genuine interest in history rather than focusing on £££££`s.
  20. Thanks for your comments. Firstly, just as Golf is a business as is Angling, there is a commercial side to all hobbies. Your assumptions on our recording of finds is wholly incorrect, only in the past month we have submitted a SIlver Bishops Ring, a Saxon Brooch and as of Sunday past, a bronze spear head. It's BECAUSE we are a business that these issues are always part and parcel of our events. We don't condone pocketing finds, they are recorded at each event in our finds tent. You are quite obviously not a farmer, more likely run a metal detecting club which resents any other organisation entering your area, we have heard it all before. With regards to charities, we will be adopting one in the near future and with the size of our membership, almost certainly be raising substantial funds for it. You are quite obviously ignorant of the way we run Lets Go Digging and the effort we go into acquiring land for detectorists nationwide who are deprived of the opportunity to detect due to the small clubs you mention restricting their membership. We have hundreds of members in areas who are stuck waiting for someone to die in order to be able to join them and this is why Lets Go Digging are becoming so popular. When a farmer provides us with permission to detect on his land, he gets a fair payment, a well run event and the detectorists have a great day out. It's a formula that is working well for us and your comments about the PAS, stewardship etc are wholly unfounded.
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