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Discussion in 'Livestock & Forage' started by unlacedgecko, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. unlacedgecko

    unlacedgecko Member

    In case anyone is unaware, this is a great little podcast by Michael Blanche (of Quality Meat Scotland and "The Farming Ladder" Nuffield Scholar Report).

    The format is that once a month he interviews an outstanding grass farmer in his area. The podcasts are then the edited highlights, stitched together with some explanatory voice overs and amusing jingles.

    I heartily recommend them for anyone interested in grass based protein production.

    All 3 episodes so far are now available on iTunes.
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  2. hillman

    hillman Member

    Wicklow Ireland

    Agree well worth a listen
  3. scholland

    scholland Member

    And should be a bonus edition coming out this week I think.
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  4. scholland

    scholland Member

    Also on acast for folk not inflicted with a iPhone.
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  5. TexelBen

    TexelBen Member

    On podcast addict too
  6. scholland

    scholland Member

    I wish qms and ahdb would do more information podcasts like need and lamb nz do. Can't cost that much to get them going and a great way to share info as it's so easy to listen whilst driving etc.
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  7. NZDan

    NZDan Member

    I've managed to listen to all three so far, done in Micheal's normal normal brilliantly funny style.
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  8. Kiwi Pete

    Kiwi Pete Member

    Owaka, New Zealand
    Yes, thanks for the link to them @unlacedgecko
    May have to admit the headphones didn't muffle my giggles enough, woke Mrs B...
    Really quite good (y)
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  9. Samcowman

    Samcowman Member

    Halfway through the second one. Very good. Does anyone recommend any other beef cattle ones? I already get beef and lamb nz ones. The northern Aus one and farming today
  10. Big_D

    Big_D Member

    S W Scotland
    Just getting into the second one now, really enjoyable listening
  11. scholland

    scholland Member

    4th one out now, not listened to it properly yet.
    Must be a lot of work to put it all together.
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  12. TexelBen

    TexelBen Member

    It's good! Easier listening than I thought it would be!
  13. How do i get it for android?
  14. scholland

    scholland Member

    Acast app
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