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Patchwork blackbox/ raven cruiser

Discussion in 'Precision Farming & GPS' started by KB6930, May 15, 2018.

  1. KB6930

    KB6930 Member

    Anyone know where I can get a new coax cable for my GPS other than patchwork as they're new ones have different ends now and aren't as good

    It's for the big white Raven antenna one quick release end and the other screw on .

    Cheers in advance KB 15263987298571653906413.jpg 1526398778705-851902197.jpg
  2. I might have one ,as our screen got damaged as was scrapped. I will look in workshop in the morning
  3. KB6930

    KB6930 Member

  4. Gpsvince

    Gpsvince Member

    We have them on the shelf, if you can’t find elsewhere, Raven Dealers
  5. KB6930

    KB6930 Member

    Thanks very much any idea of price ?
  6. Sorry KB. I cant find it. Must have been thrown out in winter tidy up.
  7. What’s the diameter of the cable?

    You can custom configure and order your own 50-ohm coax cable assemblies from several places. Gigatronix are very good. Not the cheapest but the quality is great.

    I just mocked one up for you, 5 metres of LBC195 extra flex cable (5mm diameter), BNC plug one end, waterproof TNC plug, both with black shrinkwrap finish....£17 for one off.


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  8. KB6930

    KB6930 Member

    Thanks for that I'll look into it
  9. No worries if you click on the link above, it will take you to the specific cable I created. If you want to alter anything, like the length or the cable type, connectors etc just click on the “Reconfigure” tab in the middle of the screen.

    The ‘ExtraFlex’ cable I used should be quite supple and bendy - it’s got a stranded centre conductor which is better for....well bending basically! With coax cables it’s a trade off, the fatter the cable the lower the signal loss but the stiffer it becomes.
  10. KB6930

    KB6930 Member

    Yeh I got a replacement 1 a while back it's a fatter cable but it's got a quick release end then an adapter to the screw on at the receiver and the quick release doesn't keep a constant connection I bodged up the old 1 which was better but it's finally corroded the centre core through so i'll find out what plugs are on it and get 1 made up
  11. If you get a custom cable (best, trust me) then you can tailor the length to exactly what you need. This minimises cable loss and saves having slack you just need to tie up somewhere. You can also get exactly the connectors you’d want. Sometimes it’s better and neater to have right-angle ended connectors instead of straight ones for instance.

    The connectors in your pic are BNC. I think that’s the one you’re calling “quick release”, it has the small bayonet pins on the matching socket, hence the “B” in the name.

    The threaded connector at the antenna end is a TNC. “T” being for threaded. It’s a scaled down version of something called an N-type connector. One is just bigger bersion the other.

    There are sometimes variations around the polarity of the connectors, called “-RP” for reverse polarity, but not normally for the sat antenna connector. Usually only for cellular or radio antenna connectors.
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  12. Gpsvince

    Gpsvince Member

    Ring Diane 01944 759090 ask for discount

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