Payment timings for Mid/Higher Tier

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  1. silverfox

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  2. cornishfarmer

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    Been told today on phone that my application was successful and letter in post. Now I have until 15 June to plant my wild bird feed. Anyone else think it’s I tickle late to plant
  3. Shutesy

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    Just to make sure I've got this right, you applied for CS mid-tier last year to start the 1st Jan this year? They have only just told you that you have been successful and you now have essentially 2 weeks to plant wild bird seed mixes?
    The areas we have said we will put any mixes or margins etc on our application have all got crop on atm so we were told we don't have to establish anything till its been harvested if we are successful.
  4. Sid

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    South Molton
    At last finally got my 2017 organic maintenance money.
    So much for the advance payment.
    Lets hope 2018s money is quicker in arriving!
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  5. New Puritan

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    East Sussex
    What did you have to do in order to get it? I'm still waiting for mine, same thing / start date etc.
  6. Sid

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    South Molton
    Ask for a payment date. When you reach it call them speak to claim manager ask what info is preventing payment. Mine was a computer error. Soon as it was fixed the money came in 7 days later
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    East Sussex
    Thanks @Sid - I will try that. The person I have been speaking to there said something about an IT error being the problem, but that the person who could fix it was off on long term sick leave. I just seem to go round in circles with them.
  8. Sid

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    South Molton
    The RLR fix was completed last week.
    Office move was another excuse.

    I had a meeting with my MP last week and the CSS fiasco was highlighted to him to take forward.

    Our agreement is organic maintenance and conversion only.
  9. Martyn

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    South west
    I have an organic Converstion offer letter in the post apparently!
  10. cornishfarmer

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    Offer arrived, don’t think I’ll except, just too much to do with only 2 weeks before deadline, didn’t help that the new mapping changed 6 of the parcels I had options in. will see Monday if they will let me apply for a 2018 pack. So disappointing because put lot of time and effort into the application
  11. connor454545

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    Offer came in the post yesterday as well, nice 5 months late. Reading through it, came to the late penalty section 1% per day of your came, so by that calculation I wonder if I can claim 150% extra being 150days late on the start.
  12. worker

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    We have not got ours can we claim?
  13. Mortis

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    Penultimate payment for ELS/HLS that ended end of October 2017 just received. Balance due July apparently?!
  14. silverfox

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    Despite turning my offer down, and having a letter saying so, I’ve received another letter today, asking for my claim form .
  15. Natural England will be no more shortly, they have no will or interest in customer service, the staff morale is rock bottom....take a look at minutes of board meetings to see where their interests/priorities lie.
  16. bankrupt

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    Strangely enough, ajcc, my recent dealings with NE have been far more cordial and productive than any of my recent dealings with HMRC, DVLA, Ofcom or the RPA.

    Does anybody here know who's actually to be taking over from NE?
  17. Hindsight

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    I thought RPA is taking over the payment function?
  18. Learning Curve

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    Any one been paid yet for Mid Tier Countryside Stewardship 2017 ? If so how did you manage it ? !
  19. carpenter1

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    Had the last 25% last week.
  20. Two Tone

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    Threaten them that you'll plough it all up to grow cash crops on and that you'll inform RSPB that you had to because RPA kept you waiting for your money too long. Worked for me.

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