Pelleted waste from sewage .

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  1. Has anyone ever spread this? And how did it do, on grass not getn ploughed in.
  2. d williams

    d williams Member

    Good stuff want spreading with discs and rain to break down before grazing
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  3. vantage

    vantage Member

    High P ?
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  4. ED.D

    ED.D Member

    Do you have a supply, wouldn’t mind some of that if it’s pelleted.
  5. whiteford

    whiteford New Member

    Lovely aroma off it when you wash the dust off machinery used to spread.....
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  6. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Yes, used to spread dumpy bags from Wessex Water through a lime spreader. Not bad stuff but stank when it got wet. Wessex stopped it when energy prices went skywards & the drying process was prohibitively expensive. They just do digestate and lime stabilised cake now. Lots of P and trace elements in it.
  7. How long do you leave a field before you put anything back on to it? How does that digestate do on grass.
  8. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    It was 18 years ago that I applied the dried stuff... The cake needs at least a 3 week grazing interval from memory though I've never applied it to grass recently. I think you'd want a bit of rain after applying the cake to wash it off the leaves.
  9. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    Spread tonnes of it years ago. Made the grass grow like mad high in p and k not sure about the nitrogen. Last time we spread it it was dusty and after a couple of days I was ill. Told father it was the sh!t pellets that had made me bad, he said nothing of the sort so he set to with them and two days later he was bad. I asked the rep was there anything in it to make us bad he said there’s arsenic but only a very small amount I said how much does it take to kill you he said a very small amount!
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  10. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    Full of Phosphate but not Potash .
    I stopped using sludge cake as my P indices were 4s
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  11. Smith31

    Smith31 Member

    Is it any wonder that cancers and other serious illnesses are increasing when we spread this onto food producing land
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  12. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    Sorry I just assumed it had potash in whatever it was suited the ground here but it did have arsenic and some heavy metals in possibility mercury was mentioned. I think arsenic was added to kill bacteria but can’t remember for sure it was 20 years ago
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  13. Lazy Eric

    Lazy Eric Member

    Yorkshire Water used to have it spread in the 80s in sludge form around this area.. proper set of cowboys did it with an irrigator .
    They would put it on 3inch deep.. if it rained it went straight down the ditch. If I remember rightly it was very high in phosphate, low in K and a reasonable amount of N.
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  14. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Send an untreated sample of soil to a lab for a bacterial & chemical analysis of you want a fright. It is full of life that has the potential to cause harm. Most strains of E Coli and MRSA for a start. If you believe everything is bad you'd never leave the house or eat anything!
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  15. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    Why?, It's a good fertiliser and we all produce it everyday.
    Night soil.
    Had a woman in our village, real Badger lover, that blames TB on all this black muck, as she calls it.
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  16. Smith31

    Smith31 Member

    I may be wrong, but my wife attended a meeting several years ago and there was great concern about micro plastics and metal particles, entering the food chain as a result of spreading, also the residues of women's contraceptive drugs could impact upon human health causing fertility issues.

    I still remember scientists claiming that BSE infected beef was safe to eat, but they were proved wrong a few years later. So growing food in condom, tampon,drug and plastics infected human sh17 just goes against the grain for me.

    This is just my personal opinion, I am not having a go at any farmers good luck to you.
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  17. JJT

    JJT Member

    Was it actually proven? Genuine question.
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  18. Smith31

    Smith31 Member

    I don't know, my wife is a doctor and was at a conference/meeting several years ago and this matter was discussed alongside many others such as marine micro plastic pollution and its impacts on human health via the food chain etc.

    Like I said previously I am not having a go at the farmers for spreading it and do not mean to offend anyone sorry
  19. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    Your not offending anyone.
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  20. Beames

    Beames Member

    South wales
    I was ill after spreading it as well. Felt rough for days afterwards

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