Perfect lines



What causes the lines in the field?
Direction of travel is left to right in the picture. My guess magnetism? Lines are due E/W. Thanks


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We've had similar lines on one of our fields, opposite to direction of travel as well, but going N/S. It's downhill though, so drainage? Hasn't been cultivated for over ten years


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’Everything’ done left to right in picture, tiles as well. We get these lines on most fields.
Does not show in the crop though.


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is strange I know that during the war a lot of land was very deep ploughed often by people nothing to do with the farm itself so might not have needed to make sense of you know what I mean but wether that would still show all these years later I’ve no idea

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Just a guess but could it be something to do with the drill metering system? The flutes on meter drop in little pulses although it rotates at steady speed in reality seed is been dropped in pulses. As I say it’s just a guess. Do the left to right “waves” match up to your drill width?

I was reading a thread on Twitter about the exact same thing last year but I don’t think there was ever a conclusive answer.
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