Petes Pallets


Welshpool Powys
After having problems receiving some palletised goods of late we had a discussion today of how to improve the pallet delivery system.
We’ve decided on a new revolutionary contactless delivery method.
We just tip them out at your delivery address then feck off.
No signature needed no hassle delivery on the dot.

br jones

Yes, but you’re missing the point. When Hermes arrive, you have to use a forklift truck to unload. When WE arrive, we just tip and run, saving the customer time and the expense of the forklift.

We don’t just dream these ideas up you know.
You clearly havnt thougt this thru ,not eeryone needs a pallet ,but everybody needs a fridge ,could you apply the tip and run procedure to fridges ?


Can';t be worse than Tuffnells, one order to deliver with 8 bundles. Took 4 vans over 3 days to complete the job

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