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Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Johnnyboxer, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Johnnyboxer

    Johnnyboxer Member

    After a generation of driving Diesel cars, I have traded my Diesel in.......... for a Petrol Car

    I'm sure I will miss the torque and mpg, but 10 ppl at the pumps will ease the pain and the wallet somewhat

    Garage said that everyone buying daily drivers were going Hybrid or Petrol nowadays

    Sign of the times, due to government policy and views I guess
  2. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Electric is the way forwards apparently these days ???
  3. Lincs Lass

    Lincs Lass Member

    north lincs
    In my toyota dealers yesterday ,service guy said the sales of petrol are up and diesels have dived in the private sector, companies are still buying diesels and hybrids on fleet deels but only to get the vat back.
    He also said many more buyers are going for pre registered or fixing what they have,, new reg sales are down
  4. Mdt

    Mdt Member

    After 23 years of driving a diesel I now have a petrol, I was hesitant but after having petrol for 5 months I have no regrets at all. Am paying 8-10ppl less at pumps and am still getting a respectable 46-48mpg, was getting 50-51mpg with my last diesel and the amazing thing is the petrol is only a 1 litre engine and its certainly not lacking in power would even say it's not far off the the last diesel I had.
  5. Cowabunga

    Cowabunga Member

    The latest small turbo direct injection petrol engines are a revelation. They produce diesel-like torque low in the rev range and plenty of power and performance. For cars smaller than a Mondeo they make perfect sense compared to Diesel engines today. Bigger, heavier cars for longer journeys make more sense as diesel. Farms may have bulk storage for DERV which may, among many other personal variables, also influence the fuel type preferred.
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  6. Johnnyboxer

    Johnnyboxer Member

    Looks like I might enjoy it and be in for a treat
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  7. Courier

    Courier Member

    Storing DERV on farm very rarely makes financial sense nowadays unless you can buy in 20,000 litre tanker loads - A permanently discounted fuel card which tracks the wholesale market will be no more expensive and less liable to unidentifiable losses.
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  8. ___\0/___

    ___\0/___ Member

    SW Scotland
    I have put this up before but one or two manufacturers struggling with the new WLTP on petrol engines and trying to bring in technology that isnt working. The VAG group 1.5 tsi is a prime example.
  9. James

    James Member

    Comber, Down

    WLTP ??
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  10. Netherfield

    Netherfield Member

    West Yorkshire
    Supposed to stop the lies car makers use about fuel consumption.
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  11. Exfarmer

    Exfarmer Member

    Bury St Edmunds
    I havnt driven petrol since my beloved Ford Capri!
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  12. ColinV6

    ColinV6 Member

    Not had a diesel car outside of the farm Isuzu since I passed my test 17 years ago :)
  13. Cowabunga

    Cowabunga Member

    Fuel consumption and emissions are now calculated using the new formula and there are five categories listed for results of consumption rather than three.
    I've gone to the bother of researching what it all actually means and this is what the new WLTP figures approximately relate to

    (City Driving)

    City Centre journey with a maximum 35 mph.

    (Town Driving)

    – Town or expanded city driving, maximum 50 mph.

    (Rural Driving)

    - Rural driving, A-road or dual carriageway journey to maximum of 60 mph.

    Extra High

    - Motorway driving with a maximum speed of 81 mph, typical of a free flowing motorway.

    – A mixed journey, average of all the above.
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  14. kiwi pom

    kiwi pom Member

    canterbury NZ
    Diesel's cheap here (we don't have Red) but the Road User Charges for diesel make it expensive. You have to be doing quite a few K's before Diesels are cheaper, according to those who have worked it out.
    Most cars are petrol, auto's with just the bigger SUV's and pickups going the diesel route.
    I think we're a fair way behind the UK with emission rules? but I've been warned off diesel by more than one dealer, if you do short journeys.
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  15. Timbo

    Timbo Member

    Gods County
    Could you give an example of such a card??
  16. moretimeforgolf

    North Kent, UK
    Nfu have a deal with Fuel Card Services.
    You have a card for multiple brands of service stations and pay a pre-determined price for the week. Account settled weekly by direct debit.
  17. Run to the hills

    Got me thinking now... was just thinking about goin other way from petrol to diesel. Cant get current 1.4 golf to average over 35 mpg, folks with diesels seem to be getting much better round here.
    Do like my petrol tho...
  18. Costco Fuels normally a good 4-5 pence a litre cheaper than the garages around here.

    £100 a time limit though.. so no good with 1200 Litre tanks on a Scania.
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  19. Cowabunga

    Cowabunga Member

    You really have to watch those card prices like a hawk though, because very often you will find them deducting more than local general pump prices.
  20. ___\0/___

    ___\0/___ Member

    SW Scotland
    WLTP also means that every single configuration needs to go through testing eg add bigger wheels to a car complete new set of tests, etc (as far as I understand it anyway).

    Petrol is definitely going to be the way forward until a viable alternative is available. Wouldn't be rushing to buy one at the moment though as some companies are trying to rush through to meet emissions etc.

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