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    how much feed and what cost to keep one sow and rear/fatten her progeny per annum

    i'm no pig farmer but a m8 just asked me guess monthly feed bill for 12 sows as per question...i was £600/month to much....but it was a calculated guess in under a min

    just for fun:)
  2. Greenbeast

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    costs about £250-300/year to keep a sow alive, iirc that doesn't include farrowing/lactating ration, although i could be wrong
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    A sow will eat about 1.5 tonnes of feed a year if kept indoors, outside it will be a bit more, some of this ration should be a bit higher spec for when she is milking, that will be for about 10 weeks a year (assuming just over 2 litters per year)
    Dry sow meal will be about £200 per tonne (more if it is bags) lactating about £275

    Assuming that you rear 10 piglets per litter then they are going to eat about 3 tonnes of several different rations to get to 70 Kg deadweight, roughly £260 per tonne.

    The sow will cost say £350 to feed divide by say 24 piglets sold in an average year, i.e. £14.50 per pig sold

    Each pig will eat £75 to £80 worth of feed.

    Each pig will be worth about £100 shortly (pig price nose-diving)

    There are one or two other costs like housing, water, straw, labour, vet and med, machinery costs (even a wheelbarrow wears out, so do hand muck forks and shovels)

    The feed figures are ball park, depends on how much you are buying, what the wheat/barley and soya markets are doing that week etc.
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    Having raised a few for the table though to 6m traditional breeds. Mine have always been high welfare/outdoors in large area. Min feed cost to about 6m old is around £80 min us being organic a lot more. So I would say if you were buying in a bag at a time Id say cost in £100 min in feed to fatten that is. I have fed poultry feed when I ran out worked fine. Purchase of weaner say £25. Straw bedding. Water system, feeding system. If you have whey/apples etc that's a bonus. Man hours have been low for us as kept outdoor but your fences need to be good.

    We used to keep sows but I have no records to work on. Stopped raising pigs to sell half a few years ago people don't want to pay the real price so we usually do it just for us now.

    I know its not about fattening pigs but the cost of feeding them, kill and butchery adds up and see far too many people selling half a pig too cheap. I paid £150 for half an organic pig before Christmas. Its very good. Profit is not a dirty word and think small scale producers don't do their figures only basing them on what their neighbour is selling at. Surely you need to make absolute min £50 profit which is really a joke as that is less than £10pm. So so wrong
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    We sell half for £140, free range traditional breed but not organic
  6. Stewart Setter

    wow, considering the effort alone in keeping up the welfare standards, the profit is harsh.. To be honest though I don't do it for the money and volunteer my time on a rare breeds farm, I love working with Pigs.
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    I don't do it for the money either, because there isn't any :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:

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